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Top 10 Black Hat SEO Techniques

In this article, there is a list 10 Black Hat SEO Techniques that are used to increase the rankings of a website in the search engines. This article is all about Top 10 Black Hat SEO Techniques that are used to cheat in the search engines.

SEO consist of two parts:

The Top 10 Black Hat SEO Techniques are as follows:

Keyword Stuffing and Stacking

Keyword stuffing is one of the top most used technique for black hat SEO. Keyword stuffing is widely practiced in order to improve website rankings in the search results.

For e.g. If you have a keyword, “Best tour and travel company in India” and you stuff this keyword in the content. Instead of placing this keyword in a meaningful way, you just stuff it everywhere. Let’s say- XYZ company is the best tour and travel company in India. If you want to travel anywhere in India, just simply choose XYZ company which is best tour and travel company in India. The best tour and travel company in India is XYZ company.

Google may ban your website if you opt for keyword stuffing in your content. Use quality content and adequate usage of the keyword such that it is easy to understand the central idea.


Unrelated Keywords

Many SEO experts target unrelated keywords to their content. For e.g. Arnold Schwarzenegger would use our waxing therapy if he would still be at bodybuilding. Using unrelated keywords in the content is also a black hat SEO techniques.

Correct usage of keywords should be added in the content so that it may be helpful for the user to know about what they are searching for.


Page Stuffing

Duplicating pages in the website to cheat the algorithms of Google is also practiced by SEO experts. They practice this black hat SEO technique in order to rank the page higher in the search results. But now Google search engine spiders are smart enough to capture two similar web pages. As a result, search engine unrank your current position in the search results.



Cloaking is a black hat SEO technique used by SEO experts in order to improve the website rankings. Cloaking is a technique in which SEO experts try to fool the visitor by typing the content and creating it with a link. This link then opens up into different content which is unrelated to that particular content a User is searching for.


Article Spinning

When a webmaster tries to upload a new post on his website, such that it is a duplicated version of the earlier post then it is called Articles Spinning. For example, you uploaded a blog post naming “Grow Your Muscle in 30 Days” and on the other day you uploaded the same type of blog on the website with the name “In 30 Days Grow Your Muscle”.  In order to increase the pages on the website, Article spinning is practiced.  Everyone must quit this technique just for the sake to increase website rankings.


Link Farm

Linking your website to various other website is called link farming. Providing a link to those sites also who don’t have quality content or is not high PR websites is also practiced under black hat SEO techniques.

Instead of this, you can link your website to high PR websites related to your niche. This may help the visitor to search for the content which he is looking for.


Cybersquatting or Domain Squatting

When you register a domain name in the name of a trademarked name with the intention to profit off of association, it is called domain squatting.

For example, A name is trademarked i.e. Amazon. Some other person purchases a domain with the same name. The official owner of this name can legally take the name back from the other person who purchased this domain. Instead, you can research the keyword and name your website/blog accordingly. For example, pizzahut.in is a good domain which represents the pizza restaurant.


Typosquatting or URL Hijacking

Typosquatting can be referred as registering a domain name which is misspelled with the same type of a name. For e.g. Person X has registered a domain name of collegfun.com and on the other hand, Person Y has registered a new domain of collegfun.in. It may confuse the user who intends to visit at collegfun.com


Blog Spamming or Comment Spamming

Comment spamming refers to automatically commenting the links at the blogs in order to gain a number of inbound links. This is also a part of black hat SEO technique used by bloggers or SEO experts. Instead, you can post insightful and comment related to the blog post.


Google Bomb

Some SEO trainees also practice Google bomb as a black hat technique in order to increase website rankings.

What is Google Bomb?

Experts using the name of alt text for misrepresentation in the images. For example: If you search for “Murder” and a picture appears of “Abortion” in the search result. You search for “Terrorist in world” and image comes up of “Attacks of 9/11”

Well, these were some of the Top 10 Black Hat SEO Techniques used for increasing website rankings. But we will suggest you do not apply these techniques in your website or blog. Using these techniques may result in the fall of your current rankings of your website in the search results.


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