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Ten Easy Ways To Create Backlinks

In this article, we will tell you about ten easy ways to create backlinks for your website or blog. Through these ten easy ways, you can actually get more link building for your website.

Backlinks are the links that are connected to your domain through other domain. Backlinks are the best way to get organic results. It helps in boosting your website ranking in the search results of search engines.

The quality of the backlinks depends upon linking your website with the more authoritative sites. Due to its diversified traffic from the authoritative website, you get better rankings and better results.


The Broken Link Building


Broken link building is the best way to create one-way backlinks. Contacting the webmaster to report the broken links on his or her website is the best technique to enhance broken link building. Once you have reported the issue to the webmaster, you can recommend him to replace that link. You can also mention your website at this moment. You are doing a favor by letting the webmaster know about his broken backlinks. In return, he can create a backlink on his website for your domain. It is regarded as one of the best ten easy ways to create backlinks.
You can easily find broken backlinks with the help of this given link.

Guest Post

You can submit as a guest post to various other blogs. Submission of guest posts to other blogs tends to have higher chances of backlinks creation.


You can start relevant threads in your forums. And later link it to your website. Backlinks tend to get a higher traffic to your website.


You can link your website to various Discussion Boards available on the internet. Quora is one of such Discussion Board.

Yahoo Answers


Answering the questions in Yahoo answers is also recommended as a part of ten easy ways to create backlinks.


Submitting your website to the top directories related to your niche can boost up your backlinks.

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking can also be helpful for creating backlinks. Targeting networks for Social bookmarking are also considered as a part of backlink creation.

Link Exchanging

Exchanging of links can be useful for your backlinks. You can share and exchange the links of the website with other bloggers or webmasters.

Social Media

By submitting your blog to the social media can be an easy way to create backlinks for your website or blog.



Most of the website has website review forums in it. You easily review your blog at these forums. This act as an easy way to create backlinks for your website.


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