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Off-page Optimization Techniques

This article is all about off page optimization techniques. Off-page optimization techniques are used for increasing the website rankings in the SERP(Search Engine Result Page).

Google updates its algorithms very quickly. And because of this, every SEO expert has to work accordingly. If you want to increase your page rankings in the search results then this off page optimization techniques will surely help you.

Off-page optimization Techniques are as follows:


Directory Submission


Submission of your website in the web directory is regarded as directory submission. Directory Submission is commonly used for creating quality back-links. It is essential Off-Page SEO technique that is used for your boosting your web presence.

Some top quality directories are as follows:

  • DMOZ
  • Yahoo Directory
  • ZoomInfo
  • One Mission
  • Pegasus


PPC Ad Campaign


You can also run PPC Ad campaign that can add value on your off page optimization campaign.


Social Bookmarking


Social bookmarking is a great technique to start your off page optimization campaign. It is a powerful way to promote your website. But due to lack of knowledge, most of the site gets spammed by social bookmarking sites. We must be careful while handling social bookmarking tags. These tags can be helpful for spreading our news to a wider area.

Some of the famous bookmarking sites are

  • Digg
  • Delicious
  • Stumbleupon
  • Reddit
  • Propeller


Social Media Engagement


Most of the youth is present in the social media. If you promote your website right here, then chances are higher of your improved page rankings. Create Communities, Business page, Business events etc. and post your website link over there. This helps in generating new traffic to your website.


Article Submission

Article submission is one of the best off page techniques. You can easily get more traffic to your website by submitting your articles to the article directory. By creating informative articles you can easily generate new traffic by article submission.3

Some of the Good Article Submission Websites are as follows:


Classified Submission


We can post or submit classified ads on various websites for free. This overall helps us to advertise our products.




You can not update your business services on your website everyday. In order to bring your old visitors back you can create a blog and update it with a new article daily. This will help you to generate traffic on your website. This acts as an important off page optimization technique.


Involving in the forum communities as per your website’s niche can be helpful for your off page optimization. Answering the questions, offer advice, replying to threads etc. of your business niche can build your reputation as an expert in your category.


Links Exchanging

Exchanging of links through thematic link exchange can increase your link popularity. It can play a vital role in Google’s Pagerank algorithm.


Widget or Gadget Development

You can develop new widgets and gadgets for your visitors that can help you indirectly for your off-page optimization of your website.

Cross Linking


Cross-linking your content can help you to increase your web page results. Interlinking of your content with the targeted keyword can increase your link popularity.


Press Release Promotion

With the help of popular PR websites, we can promote our business products and services. This may help in publishing of our site in Google news.


Photo Sharing


We can upload creative photos/images and ask our friends to share it on the internet. Making viral images can be used as an off page optimization techniques.

Some of the Photo Sharing websites are


Video Promotions


You can make a creative video about your product or services and share it with the people.You can use it for experts opinion, asking for reviews etc.


Document Sharing

Document sharing is also essential for your off-page optimization in digital marketing. You can share your business documents in google docs, share presentation on slide share etc.

Local Listing and Yellow Pages


Listing your website in the local listing websites or yellow pages can increase your search results locally.

The Below listed websites are helpful for your off page optimization.

  • Google Local
  • Maps
  • Yahoo Local
  • Yellow Pages
  • SuperPages
  • Hotfrogs

Business Reviews


Business reviews help your customer for gaining trust on you. You can ask your existing happy customers about your work in the business review websites. This makes a positive impact on your new customers. This is an important part of Off Page Optimization Techniques.


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