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What is Logo Designing?

From the dictionary constant, Logo refers to emblem, symbol or a sign of your work. You must have seen various car companies who have their symbol attached to their bonnet. Well these are the only symbols which are represented as logo of their business/companies.
Getting a logo designed means that you are creating a watermark for your business. This logo designing helps people to recognize about how actually your company is. Let’s say facebook, facebook is a website that has a logo of blue and white “F” word. Anyone around the world can recognize by the logo that this is a social media website. Same goes to your business. If you are starting a website, you must have a logo for it. This helps in providing a benchmark about your business.
For designing a logo you have to hire a graphic designer. Graphic designer should be such that he must be an expert in graphic designing.

What is Graphic Designing?

Graphic Designing is also an art which is done digitally. This includes various colours, filters, images or even a set of words. Graphic Designing is done by a graphic designer who has a vast knowledge of designing an art through various graphics. Set of various imaginations is required to be a graphic designer. A graphic designer’s design should be a unique one and easily be recognizable.
Logo and Graphic Designing are correlated. How we work as a logo and graphic designer is shown you below.

Elementary Stage

In this stage our graphic designer will showcase you all types of logos present. During this presentation, he will get to know about your ideas that what exactly your needs and wants are.

Words & Sketches

Once identifying your needs, the designer will give his 200 percent to make the design according to your needs. The designing team will research and draw sketches on all the meaningful alphabets that will represent the brand. They will connect each and everything which shows the exact meaning of your logo while designing .

Internal Inspection

In this stage, the designer will showcase the design to internal committee to cross check the logo design. This also helps in getting better review on what more can be done at the logo. Through this we create high quality standard logos for our client and give them the best designs.
Client Presentation
We showcase 5-6 logo designs in black and white colour to the client. Without any options, we can’t even buy clothes for ourselves, so how can we expect that the client can be happy with only one design. So the client opts for the best design that suits him for him business.

Client Approval & Colouring

Once the logo is approved by the client, our designers wait for the approval by the client to proceed further.
After getting approval, designer can fill the logo with the given set of colours as directed by the client.

Final Logo

To provide the client a perfect presentation of his brand, our designers work endlessly to meet the requirements of client.

At SEO TO WEBDESIGN we do not compromise on the designs which slip the reputation of your business. Instead of this we work 24/7 to fulfil all your logo and graphic designing requirements without any hesitation.

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