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Video blogging – how to do it?


A video blog or more commonly known as a Vlog is trending now a days. Taking a jump over the old-school blogging methods, vlogging is used more for teaching new techniques or spreading of simpler information. Cosmopolitan has a lot of vlogs and yes, you can say vlogging is a daunting experience but practice an proper knowledge of how to do it can shape it right.


1. Theme – subject



The first and foremost step of anything is to know the theme or the topic of that project. You should know exactly what you want to show. Brainstorm the ideas, pile them up and make it real. Usually in blogging, we write and type after doing a certain amount of research, but in vlogging, you can’t just rant on about anything.





2. Equipments.



Since you are vlogging, you must have proper cameras for the recording and mics and speakers. Be sure to knock yourself up with the equips that you’ll be needing here. The cameras must capture what needs to be captured, not anything else like some spots all over the screen or weird vertical/horizontal lines. The microphone should record your voice perfectly without any echo.




3. Script



Once you’ve finalised on your topic and your audience, you have to be sure that you know what you’re speaking. Having a topic or just knowing about it briefly isn’t going get you followers because you’ll just end up stammering or repeating the few phrases again and again. Pick up a paper and jot down the keywords in point first, then form sentences from the beginning to the end and read it out loud.



4. Presentation


You’re going to be in front of an unknown audience for a long time. Presentation is always a must-check for all situations. You need to wear something that gives the audience a way to believe in you. You do not want sweat t-shirts with holes. After deciding on your apparel, you should place yourself in the middle of the frame so the attention goes onto you.





5. Recording



Now that you;ve prepared yourself with the script and checked your apparel, you can start recording. Remember not to stammer or look here-and-there. You need to be fully confident about the recording.






6. Editing


After you’ve completed your recording, you must run it through an editing software. This generation is all about editing. You get your photos edited to make it look candid and pleasing to the eyes then why not your vlogs? Videos run for atleast 2 minutes minimum so get yourself into some investment and buy an editing software to polish and brighten your video. Some examples are Apple Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, Grass Valley EDIUS, and Sony Vegas Pro or you can stick to the simple ones like Windows Movie Maker.




7. Select a host.



You can’t simply just post your video on any site. You need a host for that. For beginners you can start by uploading it on youtube. Youtube is a great host and you must’ve seen a dozen of vlogs posted up there. It is your first step as the stepping zone.

Youtube is the second largest search engine. There are many tutorials and lessons that are searched. The other important factor is that YouTube is a social networking site as compared with Facebook. Youtube allows you to share your videos easily so hence, you can promote it in a better manner.

Example of Video Blogging

Now that you are briefed about vlogging or video blogging, grab a camera and start off with your show.



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