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Top 10 Tools For Creating Beautiful Graphics

In this article, we will tell you Top 10 Tools For Creating Beautiful Graphics that can be helpful to generate new visitors for your blog or website.

Top 10 Tools For Creating Beautiful Graphics are as follows:



With the help of Pablo, you can easily edit, design your images for various social media platforms. It consists of more than 25 fonts, 6 lakh searchable images and multiple sized designs suitable for your online platform. You can also manage your logo in the templates provided by Pablo.




If you want to focus a particular word, number etc. in your blog post then skitch is the best platform for you. Skitch helps you in pointing across annotations, shapes, and sketches such that your ideas take birth in the form of an image. It is also available in the app store with the name “Evernote Web Clipper”. This is easy to download and free to use.




Canva is another important tool that can give you a hand in designing. If you are a beginner in designing, Canva will be the best option for you. With Canva you can easily customize your images. You can manually increase the length and breadth of the image. It has a wide range of templates which are beyond the social media platforms.




Easel.ly is the best way to create an infographic for your website or blogs. Infographics help the visitor to get the exact information on a single image. For designing an infographic, it requires graphic designing skills. And hiring a professional graphic designer can cost you 400-500$. So instead of investing your money to the professional designer, Easel.ly can help your work to design better.




Most of the population is available on the internet through their cellphones. And reaching to their cellphone’s small screen size can be hectic for a designer. “Over” is a photo editing application exclusively designed for your mobile phones. With the help of Over, you can create awesome graphics at a single sitting. You don’t have to wait a long time as in “Photoshop”. Just download the application and start editing. This is a highly recommended tool for creating beautiful graphics for those people who are more into Instagram marketing.




Pixlr is an image editing app that can be used for both mobiles as well as desktop. With Pixlr you can edit your images and make them look professional. Its user-interface is similar to photoshop and gimp.




Smush is a product of WordPress that helps you to upload images to your website. It helps to compress the image in a smaller size such that the page load time does not increases. With the help of quality images in your blog posts, chances are higher that you get better visibility while you share it in social media network.


The Noun Project


The Noun Project helps you in providing creative icons that you can use in your images or blog post. You can easily make a group of icons on a single go from The Noun Project.


Pattern Library


Pattern Library is a free photo collage library that consists of colorful backgrounds.

You can use these patterns for your background images and create artistic images. You can also resize these images according to your needs. This tool is for creating beautiful graphics for your blog post.




Pictaculous helps you providing knowledge about the color combination that you can use for a particular image. You can upload an image and let the Pictaculous do the work for you regarding image color combination.

These were the Top 10 Tools For Creating Beautiful Graphics that can help you to interact more visitors.

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