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How to Rank Faster in First Page of Google

How to Rank Faster in First Page of Google is an article for those who want to rank their website at the first place in the search engines. If you are willing to take your website to the top then this article is just for you. Everybody wants to rank higher and wants to generate more leads and business. Using these points, you cannot just rank yourself at the top but also can grow your brand in the digital world.

These are the 6 best ways to rank your website at the first place of search engines

1. Local Keywords


If you want to get at the first page of the google search results then you have to grow from the bottom.

You always have to do the groundwork.

Nobody gets to the top without doing groundwork. In this digital world, we refer groundwork with working at your niche to the local area.

You have to do work at your local keywords.

Local searches tend to provide higher and faster search results.

It overall helps in the increased search results.

You can check the keyword density and its search results through many tools available in the market.

One of the best tools is keyword planner by Google AdWords.

Work at your local keywords to get faster search results at search engines.


2. Business Listing


Listing your business at different listing websites with your actual name, address, and contact number can help you to get better search results.

Listing your website to various other listing sites can help the search engines to have faith in your business.

This helps in transparency and in return, you get better search results and can rank yourself to the first page.


3. Website Structure


For better visibility on the search engines, you must take care of your website.

Website structure should be designed in such a way that it is easily used for SEO purpose.

Optimizing your website from the initial steps can lead to larger search results.

Make pages that enhance your web presence. Pages must include your

Home Page

Homepage that describes your introductory page to the visitors.

About Us

About us must convey the message that who you are. What are your company’s mission and visions are?


In this page, it should be very clear that what services you deal in. What products or services are you catering to your customers must be written in a simpler form.

Contact Us

This page must include your contact details. Details such as

  • Your contact number
  • Your office address
  • Your email ids
  • Your exact location at Google maps


Sitemap must be integrated into your website.

This helps the visitors to know about the content present at your website on a single page.

It helps for easy navigation of your website to the visitors.


4. User Experience


Your user experience also matters a lot while doing SEO.

If you want to rank on the first page, then considering user experience can help you a lot.

If the bounce rate on your website is low then you get better visibility in the search engines.

Google ranks and considers those websites to the first page who has lower bounce rate. Bounce rate means how long a visitor is watching your website.

To lower your bounce rate and to increase your user experience, you must consider these points:

Search Bar

The website must have a search bar so that the visitor can easily search for the pages that he is looking for.


By using the navigation at your website, the user can easily browse your website through a better way. If he is reading a blog on your website then you must give suggestions with your other related blogs. This helps in lowering your bounce rate. It is like giving a help to your visitor to find the path that he is looking for.


The content on your website must be original and fresh. If you don’t have an original content then chances are higher that you can not rank your website on the first page. Google gives priority to those websites that have fresh and original content.

5. Responsiveness


Your website must be responsive.

A responsive website gets higher search results as compared to the non-responsive website. Most of the internet users are browsing internet through their mobiles.

So if your website is not optimized enough that it does not open in mobile then you cannot rank your website to the first page.

6. Images


Images also play a vital role in ranking your website.

If you have fresh images at your website which are having alt text, alt attribute integrated on it, then you can rank higher.

A fresh image tends to get better and higher search results. Using a copyrighted image can surely degrade your search results.

You can even get penalized for using the images of other website owners.

It is better to create your own images and then upload it.

This will help you to get higher rankings in the search results.


If you are using this “ How to Rank Faster in First Page of Google ” tips properly at your website then the day is not far when you will rank on the first page of search engines.

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