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Importance of Fresh Content Writing in SEO

The content plays a very important role when we talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You may have heard of “SEO Content” terms many times if you have been dealing with improving your website’s page rank and search results in Google search engine. Here is a beginner’s SEO tips which deal particularly with the importance of good SEO content. This beginner’s guide is designed to answer three questions:

ü  What is “SEO content”?

ü  What is its importance?

ü  What is my SEO content strategy?

Let’s get started!

What Is SEO Content?

SEO Content itself includes two different terminologies i.e. SEO & Content. So before understanding what actually “SEO content” is, we need to understand these terminologies first.

“SEO” is referred as search engine optimization, which means the process of optimizing a website so that people can easily find it via search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo etc. But mostly the term is used for Google Search Engine (as it is the most popular search engine all over the globe).

Talking about “content,” we mean any information that lives on the web and can be consumed on the web (just like the data shown in this article).

So now combining these two terms we get “SEO Content” which simply means any content generated or created with the goal of attracting search engine traffic or improving the performance in search engine results.

How to do a SEO is par different topic which we will not discuss here because this article is all about SEO content. So basically what I’ll show here is a glimpse or idea of how to write a good SEO content. There is a method which you need to follow in order to generate a required SEO content for your website and the method is called “Keyword Research”.

What is Keyword Research?

If you are looking for generating traffic through search engines, you better start putting your content with proper keywords. And to make that happen, you’ll need to do a little bit of Keyword Research. This way you’ll have an idea of what people are actually looking for in the web and what keywords they are using to look for their data. You will have an idea of what people are already searching for information about and you’ll be able to focus on keywords for which a certain amount search volume already exists in the web.

After you have gotten your keywords, you should know how to optimize them. And the process is called Keyword Optimization

What is Keyword Optimization?

Keyword Optimization makes you realize where and how to use your keywords in your content or simply where to insert those keywords in your content in order to boost your search capability. The information you share in your posts needs to be organized in a logical way. This is not only good for SEO, but it also helps visitors on your site find other related content easily. And if the visitor finds the content more prominent, they will stick to your website for longer duration which is a very positive factor in terms of SEO.

Also SMO (Social Media Optimization) plays a very important role in promotion your content. You can increase the visibility to new content you create by sharing it on social networks and building links to your content (both internally and from external sites).

Importance of SEO Content

No doubt, the success of website is known by the traffic it generates. A website is a waste if it can’t attract visitors. It should be able to generate as much traffic it can and for generating high traffic, you require a good content for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A good content will help you optimize your performance in search results.

The more relevant the content will be to your site, the more will be the probability of its appearance in search engines. Search engine spiders always keep on crawling the internet and if you’ll be having the proper SEO content (as mentioned above), the chances of your appearance will increase. For search engines like Google and Bing, the goal is to provide the most relevant results for any given search query. As the search algorithms change and adapt to the newest SEO tricks, and as the tricks adapt to the new algorithms, one thing will stay constant; good content is good content, and eventually it will get noticed.

What is my SEO strategy?

Always keep in mind your target audience while you draft your content for SEO, addressing the audiences at once is the art of SEO. The following points should be kept in mind for relevant content for SEO:

  • Write relevant content.
  • Write for your visitor not majorly for SEO.
  • Don’t forget the keywords.
  • Keep your content updated because visitors will love it and so do the search engines.
  • Edit the long story in short without losing its main essence.
  • Usage of “call-to-action button” like buy now, contacts us or subscribe now.
  • Anticipating your customers’ needs, and writing a message that engages with them increases your chance of an enquiry or sale.
  • Don’t perform SEO without even checking out the competition.

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