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How To Use Facebook to Generate Leads and Traffic

Facebook, the word itself is now a daily spoken word that is used by millions of people all around the world.

With almost 2 Billion active users, Facebook is now a better platform to enhance business opportunities.

If you have a service to cater, then with the help of Facebook you can easily render them.

But our point of writing this article is to help those people who are unaware of facebook hidden marketing strategy.

Yes, you can also generate more business and get better visibility in this digital era. Below are 10 best tips on how to use Facebook to generate leads and traffic to your website.

How To Use Facebook to Generate Leads and Traffic are as follows:

Before telling you all the tips, you must have a Facebook account or you must have a Facebook page.

Now we move to the 10 best tips to promote your website or online blog through Facebook.

1. Write a Facebook Post that Attracts People to Click

Everybody can become a writer and write the post on Facebook. But what we mean by this is that you must be a social media engager. People must follow what you say.
If it is not in you on how to speak, say it through your post. Use engaging words that entice the people to click on your post.

2. Start Optimizing your Post for Organic Reach

Optimizing your post for generating organic reaches will double up your business. If you start optimizing your post then all you are doing is cost saving for your ad campaigns. Your organic reaches helps you more to generate more leads.

3. Target Broader Audience through Ad Campaigns

If you are using Facebook ads to get more reaches to your website or page, then you must target broader audiences. Target every age, sex, regions etc, that can help you to generate more business. This will eventually help you to grow in the digital market.

4. Must Use Live Feature On Facebook

If you want to know how to generate huge traffic and leads for your business through Facebook, must learn the fact that your audience knows you.

If your audience doesn’t know you then don’t expect that they will buy or take any service from you.

Trust is the major factor while doing anything. So by going live, you are showing yourself to the audience.

This helps you to interact with them and can give birth to trust between you and your audience relationship.

5. Ask Questions To Your Followers On Facebook

You can ask questions to your facebook followers or fans. Questions regarding what changes you can do on your page or account, their reviews, opportunities etc. This generated love and faith between you and your visitors.

6. Use Your Keywords in Hashtags of Every Post.

While you post anything on facebook, make sure that you are adding hashtags to it. Hashtags help your post to generate traffic to those areas also where you don’t have any followers. Must use your main keyword in your posts.


7. Pin the high Performing Post to the Top of the Page

Make sure that you are pinning your high performing posts at the top of your page. It gives an eye-catching image of your brand to new or current visitors. You can also use your blog posts that are giving higher leads to you.

8.Must Add Your Website Links To Your Facebook Post

Writing down your website link will eventually help you to generate more traffic towards your website through your Facebook account or page. It is kind of referral marketing that you are doing with your account on your website. But honestly, the main purpose is to generate more traffic and leads for your business. Haha!

9.Share Links From Your Website To Your Facebook Account or Page

You can also use your website’s pages link to your facebook account. You can share those blogs from your website that is giving response for your business.

10. Evaluate Results Of Your Ad Campaign

Last but not the least, you must have to evaluate the results that you have conducted the ads. This will help you to know the areas where you can master and the places to target at. This is the most important part of marketing your business through Facebook.


Wind-Up Summary

Well, these were the best 10 tips that you can use to generate more business and traffic to your website or even at your blog. If you try all the above-given points at your Facebook account or page, then you will enhance your business and can grow it to the next level.

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