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How to List your Business on Google My Business

This article is for all those who have a business and are not listed at the Google My Business.

We will show you the step by step way on How to list your business at Google My Business.

You can add your business to Google for multiple reasons. It can be that you want to get more searches for your business or it can be generating more leads.

But before that, you must know the way to list your business on Google. There are many business listing websites but Google My Business plays a vital role in your search results.

Below is the step by step ways to list your business at Google My Business.

List your Business on Google My Business


1. Visit Google My Business


The initial step to list your business on Google is to visit the website. Most of the beginners don’t know the link to this famous business listing. You can visit the website at this link given here.


2. Signing into Account


The second step you have to do is to sign in the account to list your business. You must enter the email id that you want to associate with your business listing. Once you have signed in, then it will lead to adding your business page.


3. Name Of Your Business


The third step is to write the name of your business in the empty space given.


4. Your Location


The fourth step is to add your location details.Your street address, your city name, your state, and your country.


5. Drag Your Business in Maps


The fifth step is to drag and reposition your business in the Google Maps. You can locate your business accordingly.


6. Business Services/Products


In the sixth step, you have to write down the business that you deal with. If it is toy manufacturing, then write the same in the given area. If it is a service then write the area of the specification of your services.

7. Connections


The seventh step is to make connections that help your customer to connect you. You have to add your phone number so that your new customer who finds you through Google My Business can contact you.

8. Verification


The last but not the last step is to verify your presence. You can get verification code generated at the place where your business is situated.


It can be delivered to you through postcard within 12 days of verification when made.

Wind-Up Summary

If you are a beginner in the digital market and want to generate more leads through Google My Business then must read the entire article. It will not only help you to list your business at Google but also will help you in taking a broader step in the digital market.

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