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Easy 5 ways to find fake Facebook account

 In this article, we will explain you Easy 5 ways to find fake Facebook account by providing some tips and tricks. These steps will help you stay away from spams.


Every social networking site has its own pros and cons. Facebook too has its pros and cons, while it has number of pros, we cannot deny the fact that it also has cons. The major problem seen in Facebook is growth in percentage of its fake accounts. The total number of Facebook accounts is near about 1.28 billion and approx. 30% of the fb accounts are fake and it is increasing rapidly. Facebook aims to provide the safe social networking experience but unfortunately it can’t do much to stop this problem.There is no way for Facebook to identify and manually delete these all fake accounts.

Fake Facebook account is an account that a person creates and is not associated with it or is not its real representative. Fake account is created for many reasons such as to spread spam, viruses or to steal information of other users etc.


  1. Photos on Facebook profile

Firstly, watch out for the profile picture and then photos in the profile, if there is no photo or a single photo of the individual, you may consider It a fake account.




  1. Facebook Status Updates

Take a look at the updates, wall posts and comments sections, if there is no activity or updates for a long time and the profile user is not active, it means the profile owner is not interested in social networking but is using the account for unfair uses.





Keep an eye on the recent activities of the suspected user which tells the he has been only interested in making new friends, or also interested in social activities such as joining groups, liking pages, or any other activities because just adding friends and not doing any other activity on Facebook is something that makes us suspicious about the profile user. If this is the situation of the social activities in that profile, that can be said a fake profile.



  1. Friends list on facebook

Check out the friend list of the user, if you see all or most friends that are of opposite gender that is an important point to be noted that the user is fake and is just here for some kind of fun.

As an example, we see that mostly males are attracted to some profiles which have display picture of some hot girls wearing sexy dresses, and many profiles have the same display picture of the same girl. And it is possible that a profile of girl has a long list of male friends. If it is so , then the account is possibly fake.




  1. Facebook profile information

Must browse through all the sections of information of the user such as educational information, birthdate, interested in, contact no.

A gentle profile contains the information of educational qualifications and workplace.

If u see such profile without information and Birthdate is also 1stJan or 31stDec., it is a hint of fake account as it is easy to write and remember. We know that girls don’t keep their contact no. public, hardly any girl would like to show her contact number publically, it is also a sign of fake profile.



Besides these all important points, these are the supporting points to be noted if you are suspicious about any profile:

See if someone has posted something asking and the post remains unanswered for long time or there are no other activities like sending game requests, app. Requests, not adding any other information for a long time, then it means the profile is inactive for a long time and is actually fake.

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So, these were Easy 5 ways to find fake Facebook account to keep you away from fake profiles and spammers.



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