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4 Best Video Optimization Techniques For Social Media

This article will help you to gain knowledge about the best video optimization techniques for social media.

If you have a video and looking for how to optimize your video in social media, then we will show you the best video optimization techniques.

Below are the points that will help you to optimize your Videos for Social Media

1. Eye-Catching Content

best-video-optimization techniques-for-social-media-eye-catching

Approximately 75 percent of the mobile users having the age between 18 years to 34 years use most of their time on social media through their mobile phones.

This means your content must be optimized enough such that it can easily be seen on the tiny mobile screens.

The content must be eye-catching such that it grabs the attention of the visitor.

2. Videos with no sound

You must have content such that if the video’s sound does not appear in the video, it clears the main message of the video.

3. Thumbnail

best-video-optimization techniques-for-social-media

The thumbnail of the video must be according to the title of the video.

For example, if the title is ” Best Car Mechanic ” then the thumbnail must be according to the car
mechanics or related to that.

It gives a higher glimpse into your video.

4. Vertical video

These days most of the videos that are available in the social media are vertical.

You must use those videos that are vertical visible.

Viewers don’t view those videos that ask your phone to be tilted.

So it is better that you use only vertical video while uploading to any social media website.


These were the Best Video Optimization Techniques For Social Media. If you start practicing these techniques in your videos then your video will get maximum views in the social media.


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