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Backlinks and its Importance

In this article, we will tell you about what are backlinks and its importance in the digital marketing industry.


What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are the links which are submitted on other domains such that it points pages to your domain. Backlinks are the main reason that makes a huge impact on your website search results. Backlinks also help to increase your website’s SEO rankings on the search engines. Nobody exactly knows that how much weight is given to the backlinks by the search engines. But it is merely an important factor for improving the website’s rankings.

Every webmaster must use a natural way to create backlinks. Instead of using an artificial way, one must use a genuine way for creating backlinks.

For example, if website X is a cinema hall’s website and website Y who is a movie review blog and comments on the posts of website X. Then this acts as a valuable, natural and relevant backlink that website X has received. A web page that has been linked by different other web pages with similar topics are taken as more respectable and genuine.


Why are backlinks important?

Backlinks are important for users and Search Engine Optimization of websites. As per user’s view, backlinks provides a way to find and surf the same or related information in the website.
For e.g. if a consumer visits a page about the “Best Movie of 2017″, he may find out other links that are related to the best movies of 2017. Backlinks create a stronger consumer support for a website.

This makes a stronger experience for any consumer because they have received a valid information with the help of that website. On the other hand, backlinks help in website importance and increase its value. Using too many backlinks can also hamper your search results in the search engines.

Types of Backlinks

There are basically two types of backlinks.

  • Inbound Backlinks
  • Outbound Backlinks
Inbound Backlinks

Inbound backlinks are those backlinks that provide the links to the various other related web pages of the same domain. The below image is an example of Inbound links.


Outbound backlinks

These are those backlinks that send the visitor from your domain to another domain consisting of the related topic. The below image is an example of the outbound link.


Some crucial backlinks factors are as follows:



If you have a business of Insurance selling company and you have created your backlinks in the food industry websites. Then it won’t help you in the SEO. It will not be beneficial for you to create any backlinks at such place which is irrelevant to your business niche.

Different types of website

There are various other websites of the insurance industry. Some may be blogs, review websites, comparing the insurance with other companies type website etc. You can use and create your backlinks here. It will be profitable by creating backlinks to the relevant websites. You can create backlinks to the websites which are related to your business niche.


If you have created a thousand backlinks over a night, then it can be harmful to your website. Google can penalize you if you try to trick them. Getting a thousand of backlinks is only possible if you have purchased them.

Well, these were some points as well as factors that tell you how backlinks are important for your website. The better the backlinks you have, the more the chances are higher on your website rankings improvement.

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