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Android Vs Ios

In this article you will learn about Android VS Ios platforms.Our life is surrounded by many operating systems. The two major platforms which keep us busy all the time are “Android” or “iOS”. Be it smartphones, tablets, PC, laptops or any other interface these are the 2 most wanted technologies which are being used. Both of them are good in their own ways but it depends upon one’s requirement and needs which one to opt.
Android is the most popular and commonly used smartphone platform and many manufacturers use it whereas iOS is only an Apple device.

Listed below are some of the points of comparisons/differences between both the platforms:


• Apple is the sole proprietor of iOS so they have full control over it. Google offers Android which is very popular and used by various manufacturers like Samsung, Motorola, MI, LG.

• Looks play a vital role everywhere. Apple being a single owner provides the almost similar look for all iOS gadgets whereas variety is visible on Android providers.

• iOS came into existence on 29 July 2007 and Android on 23 September 2008.

• Voice commands are available in both the interface. Siri works for iOS and Google now and Google assistant for Android.

• One might find it difficult to use iOS as compared to Android. Android is more user-friendly.

• iPhone, iPad, iPod are the iOS gadgets available in the market. They all are produced by Apple. Other major manufacturers like Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, Motorola etc. are Android user which produced a bundle of devices in their own ways.

• Due to a monopoly of iOS, the prices are also much higher as compared to Android. However, still, Apple is on the top list of the market.

• Android provides approximately 2.8 million applications as compared to 2.2 million of iOS applications. However, these numbers aren’t best parameters to judge as most popular ones are available on both the platforms.

• Quality always takeover Quantity. So do iOS do Android. And this could be one of the reasons why still iOS is on the top list.

• Messaging and calling is more or less similar in both the interface. Still, iOS provides some specific applications which are only available in them and can be used between iOS users only like FaceTime and iMessage.

• It is comparatively easy to download applications for Android as managed by Google. iOS has many restrictions and permission required.

• After usage major concern is battery usage and charging. It is difficult to judge between both because there is no common hardware. They provide battery saver options which can extend your battery usage. Apple also provides options for wireless charging.

• As far as security, bug fixes and latest features come to mind; iOS takeover Android. Apple provides consistent and latest software updates which make them unique.

• Being widely used Android allows you to use third-party applications easily whereas many things and applications remain locked and secured in iOS.

• Gmail is the most widely and strongly used email application. Being Google email Android takes over iOS.

• Personalisation and the way you want your gadget to look like can be easily affordable for Android when compared to iOS.

• More manufacturers, more variety, and design result in a different approach by all. This creates a perception that Android is more complicated than iOS.

• Navigation, Maps, Driving, Walking, traffic conditions are much better-used features in Google than iOS. Google is more accurate and used worldwide. Navigation is a win-win feature of Android in comparison to iOS.

• Keep working all the time and getting tired is not applicable to iOS users. Hangover is not in the iOS dictionary which makes them superior over Android.

• For better results and easy usage of camera, iOS applications win the race over Android.


Wind-Up Summary

Ultimately different needs of different people count towards the decision of whether one should opt for Android or iOS. Both are good in their own ways. What is important what you want. This was all about Android VS Ios.

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