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8 Best Tips To Boost your Sales through Instagram

If you wish to increase your sales not just by followers and hashtags, then this “8 Best Tips To Boost your Sales through Instagram” article is right just for you. Every business owner wants to increase its sales either offline or online.

So taking the right method to enhance your sales through Instagram can be very helpful for you.

Here the list goes on 8 Best Tips To Boost your Sales through Instagram!!


1. Set a Business Account

If you want to increase your sales through Instagram then the foremost thing you have to do is to create your business account. Business accounts tend to get more faith and trust rather than a personal account. Get a new business account related to your business and boost up your growth.


2. Complete your Profile


Once you have done your business account setup, then complete your profile in the Instagram account.
You have to write your bio in your profile such as who you are, what you deal with, your contact number, website etc. Having a complete bio within a business account gets more trust within the customers or visitors.


3. Your Name and Display Photo


Your name and the profile image must be related to each other. Image of your profile should match your company’s nature or services. Choosing a random image that does not relate your company can result in losing the right prospectus through internet or Instagram.
Make sure that your brand’s image must relate in your display pic on Instagram.

4. Brand’s Culture


A customer doesn’t wish to spend his money on someone whom he/she doesn’t know.
If you have created your business account, that doesn’t mean sales. You have to increase your visitors. Influencing your existing visitors through your feeds. Showcasing your products and services is not the only thing. You have to show your brand’s culture, how your employees work, how you guys work, celebrate each and every festival. This is what customers prefer and gets loyal towards your company. Show your Brand’s Culture.

5. Create Call to Action Button

The most important thing to install in your business account is to create a call to action button. If a potential customer wishes to buy something from your business account and does not find a shop now button, then it means you are losing your business. Losing your business just because not installing a call to action button means generating more business towards your competition.


6. Offers to followers


You can provide promotional offers to those who follow your business account. Followers get more sense of genuinity in you if you give your followers an additional off. This will overall result in boosting your Sales through Instagram.


7. Schedule your posts

If you post your photos and videos any time of the day, then you should follow this step.

  • Post content about your business products or services anytime on Monday and Thursday. On these days you get maximum hits towards your posts.
  • On the other hand, if you wish to post videos on your Instagram account. Then post it between 9 pm and 8 am any day. Between this time period, customers are usually available and get interested in buying your products if given an attractive offer.
  • Most companies feel that posting on Mondays at 9 am can result in successful response to catch people’s interest over their first commute of the week.

8. Run Contest


The 8 Best Tips To Boost your Sales through Instagram is you can also run contests in your business account. Give maximum discount possible or free aways to the winners. Contests help in generating more eagerness within the customers to win the contest. Through the contest, the people who are participating are more interested in your brand and tends to buy more products through your Instagram account. That’s the power of contests.


Well, this is the end of the article. In this article, you learned about 8 Best Tips To Boost your Sales through Instagram!!

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