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15 Highly Recommended SEO Tools

In this era of Digital marketing where the competition is at its peak. You must know what your competitors are doing to get in 1st page of Google search. Here in this article we will explain world’s top SEO Tools which will help you to secure your rank in search engines.

SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization. the word itself represents the searching and optimizing of the engine (typically the niche in which you are working). This SEO market consists the worth of 65 Billion Dollar globally. There are approximately 863 million websites who mention the word “SEO”. And in today’s era , working traditionally and getting customers is a time consuming task to any entrepreneur. Involving SEO to any work is something like taking out honey from hornet’s nest. SEO is the only tool that helps us to grow globally without any physical hard work.

There are many SEO tools that can help you to get free organic searches for your work/task but it may take time to get hits or the right people. Here we are giving the list of 15 most suggested SEO tools that can help you a lot to push-up your knowledge as well as your business.

Below is 15 highly recommended SEO tools


1. Google Keyword Planner


It is a free keyword planner by Adsense which helps us telling the volume of traffic to a particular keyword, phrase or a website. It acts as a preliminary factor for a successive campaign that is running or about to be run in google.


2. SEMrush


SEMrush is a most effective and a profitable tool that helps you to know about what the audience wants. It helps the bloggers or website owners by optimizing their websites and blogs such that they create the contents according to the needs of their audiences. It encourages the bloggers for enhancing the visitors for their better experiences.


3. Longtail PRO


Longtail PRO is an application of Adobe Air Desktop. This tool is an advanced SEO tool so one must be an SEO master for using it.


4. Screaming Frog


Screaming Frog crawls through your website/blog and helps in reviewing all the internal pages of the website. It prevents the website from all the flaws which can harm the website performance in the search results.


5. Deep Crawl


Deep crawl reviews in depth and provides the various information on the technical issues that should be fixed for better SEO results.This is a highly recommended tool for any SEO project or site but on the other hand it is expensive too.


6. WooRank


Working smartly is a new way of working by this generation people. And the same goes for this SEO Tool. This is a free tool that helps to screen websites through their pre-defined criteria and provides tips and references on how the search results can be taken to the next level.


7. Ahrefs


This tool is very much useful for checking the backlinks of the website. To work upon this tool, one doesn’t need to open the website again and again instead of this you can directly see that by visiting that page. It helps in providing deep backlinks analyses on a single click.


8.Open site Explorer

This is also be known as search engine for links. It helps in searching link buildings and explores damaging , rank impacting links.




This tool is highly used by digital marketers, website designers for their businesses. Majestic analyse back links directly from the browser extension and creates an active part in SEO results.


10. Link Search Tools


As listed in one of the best tool for internet marketing, link search tool is a full fledged tool that provides crawling and re-crawling , validation of back links etc and much more.


11. Ontolo


This tool is useful for finding links regarding to a topic, phrase as we type. It provides the exact prospects to us that can provide the most profit for our campaign.


12. WhiteSpark


This tool helps us local searching by local search marketing and get more business locally  through local SEO rankings. It plays a major part in growing the business to the next level locally.


13. Google Search Console


Google Search Console earlier known as Google Webmaster Tools is free service that is initiated by google for the indexing and optimization of blog/websites.


14. Advance Web Ranking


It is a perfect tool for keyword analysis and tracking keywords in the search engines. It is a time saving tool for keyword analysis and can be accessible from any device.


15. Authority Labs


It is a perfect SEO monitoring tool and helps in checking keyword ranks reports of the website/blogs. You can also check daily ranking charts of your pre-defined keywords.

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