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14 Highly Recommended Content Marketing Tools

In this article, we will tell you about 14 Highly Recommended Content Marketing Tools for your business. These 14 Highly Recommended Content Marketing Tools will help you for targeting the right prospect digitally with the help of content marketing.
In the digital world approximately 88 percent B2B marketers use content marketing. Content marketing plays a vital role in the digital market as a part of their marketing strategy.

You might be aware of either one or two content marketing tools available. But we will show you 14 Highly Recommended Content Marketing Tools that can increase your online growth.



BuzzSumo helps you to analyze the topics and its performance. With BuzzSumo you can easily be aware of what content is trending in your industry.
If you want to know what is your competition is using as its content, then BuzzSumo plays a major factor in providing you the information.



If you want to create an organized content for future reference then Evernote is the best way to organize your content. You can collect each and everything at a single place. You can intensify your notes with links, checklists, audio recordings etc. With the help of Evernote, you can place your ideas at a single place and Evernote lets your team be notified about it.



If you want to marketize your content then Kred helps you to measure your online influence. You can find and connect with the influencers at Kred. This tool helps your content to get influenced by the influencer by your connection.



Trello lets you work in collaboration with your team. With Trello you can create content, can send messages to other team members about the content, posting, sharing etc.



With ClickFunnels you can convert a visitor into a lead. And from a lead to the final sale. It helps to increase your online presence. You just have to create a funnel and then re-create it according to your business niche. It is one of the highly recommended content marketing tools.



You must share your content in the market while the visitors are online. Tweriod shows you how and when you should update your content in the social market. With the help of Tweriod, you can target your prospect customers at the right time. You can enhance your Twitter traffic with this tool.



If you are writing a blog post for your website then the main thing we require is quality images. These images also enhance the visitor’s experience. For high-end quality images, we have Canva. Canva lets you design images for your social media accounts. Rather its Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you can create any type of images. And this all is of free of cost.



Uberflip lets you manage your content, blogs, videos etc.on a single place.With Uberflip you can improve the content experience of your website and boost its performance for the visitors.



Email marketing is also one of the ways to marketize your content. So for this, we have a tool named GetResponse. GetResponse helps you in email marketing of your products or services. GetResponse helps in increasing conversion rates of your prospects.



You must have seen various social media sharing buttons on the websites. MashShare helps you to design creative social media buttons for your website. These are eye-catching buttons that help your visitor to share your content on their social media accounts.



Ahrefs helps you to keep a track on your competitors and helps you to track your own progress.
According to Ahrefs, this tools helps you to learn why your competitors are ranking so high and what you need to do to outrank them.



With the help of HootSuite, you can manage all of your social media accounts on one platform. You don’t have to open each particular social media website to share your content. HootSuite does it all for you.



Grammarly helps your content to cross-check the grammar mistakes that you have committed. With Grammarly, you can easily correct your spelling mistakes and create a professional content. Professional content creates better credibility. That is why Grammarly helps you in boosting up your content performance.



With SEMrush you can know about your organic search results of your keywords. This tool gives you entire knowledge about your competitors and their organic results. This is an all-in-one marketing tool for digital marketing professionals.

These were 14 highly recommended content marketing tools that can increase your visitors on your website.


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