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13 Things You Are Doing Wrong With Your Website Design

These 13 Things You are doing wrong with your website design can be helpful to increase your website design rankings in the google, grow visitors, leads, sales etc, then you must learn to make your website design a visitor friendly.

Website design is not an easy thing to master. It takes years of experience to take your website to the top. Having a perfect website design can help you to grow your business digitally. But these days there are some faults that we create in the website unintentionally. If you want to increase your website rankings in the google, grow visitors, leads, sales etc, then you must learn to make your website design a visitor friendly.

In this article, we will tell you about the things you are doing wrong with your website design.

Here is the list of top things that you are doing wrong with your website design.


Responsive Website Design


If you do not have a responsive website design then possibilities are higher of losing your visitors from other devices. Responsive website design is a design that is compatible with all devices. No matter it is Desktop, laptops, tablets or it is a mobile phone. We have to be very careful about responsiveness while designing a website. We need to focus each and every segment for targeting more visitors.


Generic 404 pages


If you have got any broken link or a page in your website design, then it acts as a negative impression to the visitor. You must cross check each and every page that is it functioning well or not. However, if you find any broken link then you can use your creativity here. Although Generic 404 Pages acts as a silent killer for your website you can still manage to win in this situation.
Having a well designed 404 page can be a mini-ambassador for your website.


Website Design Load Time

Website design load time is also the main factor that affects the website performance. If a visitor surfs your website and the load time is very slow then you are going to lose many visitors. No visitor has enough time to wait for around a minute for a website.
If you improve your website design load time then it makes a positive impact on your visitors.
The website should load within 2-3 seconds and if it taking larger time then it is considered as slow load time.


Slow Server Response


If you manage to create all the web pages optimized in such a way that it open ups in seconds, but your server load time is slow. The website will load itself slowly.You have to manage your server response very carefully or else you will get slower website load time.


Website Design Standards

Your website design must meet its quality standards. Quality standards refer to having a navigation bar, the search bar on its correct location. If a visitor wants to search anything on your website but does not find any search bar, then it creates a negative impression for your website.
Create each necessary widgets etc for your website.


Unclear Fonts


Using unclear fonts in your website design can increase bounce rate. For e.g. if you(as a visitor) don’t understand what is actually written in the content then you will definitely go away from the website. That website design tends to get higher visitor’s response whose content is easily readable.
Don’t use unclear handwritten, cursive writing, symbols etc. in your content. This may end up losing a visitor for your website.


Using Too Many Fonts

If your website design consists of too many fonts on a single web page then it becomes very hectic to understand. Instead of using multiple fonts on your website, use a single font that is easily readable and recognizable. It helps for a better credibility for your website.


Conflicting Fonts

Conflicting fonts are those fonts that highlight the main heading to create interest of the visitors. But conflicting fonts tend to lose the center idea of content. Using conflicting fonts is what you are doing wrong with your website design.


Poor Grammar


Using poor grammar in your website design can also result in losing your prospect visitors. A visitor will think that the person who has written content is not a professional and will leave your website instantly.


Usability Mistakes


Not answering user’s question is one of the major factors that we do in usability mistakes. We should answer each and every question of the users. If we are not replying them, then we are doing a major mistake for our website design. Refusing the questions of the visitors will end up in losing a visitor.
If you want to convert a visitor to a subscriber and from a subscriber to your customers. Then you must start to reply their questions.


Website Logo


If your website logo is centered and is not navigated directly to the home page, the visitor feels lost on the website. Linking your logo to the home page is a must for your website design. According to a survey, logos that are placed left side tends to get more visitor’s attention.
Placing your logo and linking it to your homepage also matters a lot for your website design.


Image Sizing and Scaling


Using stretched and without proper scaling images in a website leads to cheap and unprofessional website image. Usage of clear and up to scale images can help you to look professional digitally.


Using Metadata for your Images

If you are using metadata description for your website images then you are doing the perfect thing. Google algorithms search for the data who has similar images according to a keyword. If you don’t write meta description in your images, chances are higher that you won’t come at the top of the search results.
These were 13 things you are doing wrong with your website design. If you want to rank higher in the search results then must follow these steps for better visitor growth.

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