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11 Best Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

In this article, you will learn the 11 best digital marketing trends for 2018.

As you know the whole world is now going digital.

So it is now very much important for us to follow the digital marketing trends.

Since this is the last month of the year 2017, we must know what is going to boost your business in the year 2018.

Below are the 11 best digital marketing strategies that you must own to boost up your online presence in the digital market.

11 Best Digital Marketing Trends are as follows:

1. Voice Searches

The new era is going to be totally dependant on the voice searches.

Very few people are there who are interested in type and search strategy.

Approx 54 percent of the teenagers and 40 percent of the adults are using voice searches.

So you have to optimize your website or blog in such a way that it gives results even if someone is using voice search.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is another trend that can help you to showcase your business in the digital media.

Organic searches lead us to another level of SEO i.e. artificial intelligence.

The user is totally dependant on Google for getting the valuable search results.

Google and Bing have turned into artificial intelligence to interpret the search results.

3. Featured Snippets

If your search results appear on the featured snippets then surely you are at the top results of the Google.

You can optimize your keywords such that it appears in the featured snippets. Featured snippets tend to come in D.I.Y, How to ….?, Steps on making a project, etc.

You can also use quick answers to be at the top. Provide answers in the Google which has short and informative data.

Having your website at featured snippets will actually help you to grow in the digital market.


4. Video Optimization

The upcoming year is going to be dependant on video media.

Video helps us for a better understanding of services.

So if you have taken a step into the video market then it will be very fruitful for your business to get maximum growth in the upcoming year i.e. 2018.

5. Content Marketing

This is one of the best ways to marketize your business in the digital market.

This may sound an old strategy but it is far better than any other strategy.

Content is the king in the digital market.

We suggest you opt this strategy in the year 2018 for better visibility in the online market.


6.Visual Search Results

Nowadays people or users visit and trust those companies that provide the in-depth knowledge of themselves openly.

They showcase their business through the visual search results.

Google also gives priority to rank higher to those websites that have visual data in it.

So it is suggestible that you must optimize your business website or blog that provides visual search results in the search engines.

7. Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimized website is another digital marketing trend that you must follow in 2018.

Most of the search results are taken from mobile phones.

Approximately 58 percent of the web traffic comes from mobiles.

So it is mandatory to follow the steps through which you can get better results of your business through mobile phones.

The overall motto is to generate more business, right!

So must follow mobile optimization as a digital marketing trend for 2018.

8. Website Loading Time

If your website is taking a lot of time to load then it can hamper your business as well as you can also lose your ranking.

Loading time of the website plays a major role in the digital market.

In other words, faster the page load time, better the page ranking and search results. And having a better search result leads to more business leads.

Overall you can gain more business through the digital market. So don’t forget to measure your website’s loading time in the year 2018.


9. Organic CTR (Click Through Rates)

Google ranking also depends on the organic CTR also known as Click Through Rate.

If you have higher CTR pages on your website then you can easily outrank your competition in the search results.

Make your web pages such that it provides organic CTR.

It will help you to grow your business in 2018.

10. Quality Backlinks

Having backlinks of your website is a good way to rank higher.

But building quality backlinks can actually help you to rank higher in the search results.

If your website has little but quality backlinks then you can easily grow your business to the top search results of Google. And hence you can rule in your niche in the year 2018.

11. User experience

Last but not the least is user experience.

Google rank those websites to the first page where the user has the greatest experience.

Experience can be checked through bounce rate on the website.

For how long the user is staying at the website.

Make the website or blog that is user-friendly.

Make sure that you are providing the best services that a user wants.

This will help your business to grow a lot in the upcoming year.


Wind-Up Summary

The upcoming year 2018 will bring many new strategies that can enhance your online presence.

But using and optimizing the above 11 best digital marketing trends for 2018 will help your business to capture more market and leads with the help of Digital Media.


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