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200+ Google SEO ranking factors

The time has passed where it was as easy as a piece of cake to rank a website. When just meta tags and backlinks meant it all for SEO. Now with the regular updation in algorithm of google, SEO has become a master task. There are more than 200 SEO ranking factors for a website and that too with certain conditions. Google Algorithm has a sharp eye on each website which is a signal to alert you. You play a fair game and will be rewarded with good rankings. Whereas black hat techniques will directly penalize your website and throw your out of the game. And once a website is penalized it becomes a hard nut to crack.

SEO is a process to get noticed online by customers who are looking for your business.

“Single Quality link is far better than couple of normal links.”

“SEO is a genius process”

“Slow and steady wins the game.”

“Google only loves you only when your audience loves you.”

Best Technique for SEO

SEO gives the best results when performed with white hat techniques. The SEO now should be worked on to look like a natural process. A website should be promoted from all ends with pure white hat techniques. Google now tracks your social activeness and awareness. The focus must be on distinct link techniques. The use of black hat technique now gives a hard blow to your website. This confirms that not working on your website is better than using black hat techniques. White hat techniques have been preferred always but now the meaning has changed. The difference between a decade before and now is that you must focus on quality and distinctive links. While the content still is said to be the king. Now quality, easy to read and user friendly content is preferred which is directly related to bounce rate. If your content is meaningful, interesting, engaging and accurate with spelling and grammar, this is good for your bounce rate. While meaningless content will result in high bounce rate which is a negative factor for your website. We have discussed here and mentioned these 200 SEO ranking factors for Google. Hence, the conclusion is that you have not to work to show Google instead work for your audience in the user friendly manner.

These are some important factors which are responsible for ranking a website on Google.


  1. Domain Age
  2. Domain name with your keyword
  3. Domain name length
  4. Domain history
  5. Penalized domain owner
  6. Domain with country code extension
  7. Sub-domain
  8. Registered Company or Organisation
  9. 500 Server Error

Website Factors For SEO

  • Good choice of CMS
  • Security
  • Blog location
  • Interlinking blogs and website content
  • Linking all website pages from home page of website
  • Trust building with your customers
  • Sitemap
  • Page loading time
  • Brand
  • Contact form
  • Avoid Duplicate meta tags
  • Having good Server speed
  • Curtailing HTML and CSS as they increase load time
  • Access to CSS or JS
  • Adding social media buttons
  • Target right audience
  • About us page
  • Using keyword in e-mail address will support that particular keyword ranking
  • T&C and Privacy policy pages
  • Linking your logo to home page
  • Logo- using keyword in ALT tag
  • 404 page not found
  • Stop Malware on the website
  • Use tags for PDF files as you do for a web page, if you are uploading it on your site.
  • Link on your website should open in the same tab

Web Design

  1. Futuristic design
  2. Colour choice
  3. Using keywords in images
  4. Contrast between text and background
  5. Easy to read font
  6. Font size
  7. User friendly layout of web pages
  8. Attractive web design
  9. Responsive design
  10. Original and attractive images
  11. Image size (500*400px)
  12. Drop down menus
  13. Size tap on mobile
  14. Avoid popups and advertisements
  15. Don’t use copyrighted photos, google may penalize you for this

“Marketing without design is lifeless”