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Things to remember before buying a Domain Name

Let us discuss about a very important and interesting topic in this article about DOMAIN name. Domain name is your website address which will be used by internet users to find your website. Having an easy and effective domain name or URL is very important due to number of reasons which we will discuss in details later here in this article. Now focus on some basics. Here you go!

what-is-domain-nameWhat is Domain Name

In a very simple word a domain name is your website name. It is through domain name customer reaches you online. For eg: www.seotowebdesign.com is a domain name used by those interested in taking course on digital marketing

Why you need a domain name

You know that each computer have its IP address which is in the form of long serial numbers. It is difficult for users to remember this long numbers every time to find your computer. To manage this and make it simple domain names were developed. Don’t you think, it is easy to remember domain names such as www.yatra.com, www.irctc.co.in instead of long serial numbers of many computers?

Why domain name is important for your websites

Domain name is important due to the following five basic reasons


  • The first point of contact: Domain name is primarily used by potential customers to find you online. It’s the gateway to get in touch with your business , shop or anything for the matter
  • It creates trustworthiness: The domain name and its branding in the market helps build trustworthiness or reliability of your business as customers know your business by name
  • It is unique: Same domain name cannot be used by more than one
    person. For eg: godaddy.com cannot be used by other person for his use.This ensures clarity and avoid any confusion due to similar names
  • Customize with domain name: Email addresses can be made in sync with domain name. This will be easy to remember for everyone particularly your customers
  • Search Engine Optimization: Unique domain names are easily searched and rated by SEO


Different Types of domain names

There are mainly 2 types of domain namesdomain-name-types

  1. Generic top level domain: The type of domain can be registered from anyplace. Eg .com, .net, .org, .biz etc and generally used for international use
  2. Country code Top Level Domains: This is 2 letter text domain names. Eg.in, .nz,.au etc. This is specific to the country.




Thing to remember prior to domain name selection: Few Tips

1. Go for shorter name
2. Find a name that can relate to your business or service
3. Don’t use numbers or alfa numeric characters
4. Go for .com domain for international business
5. Go for two character extension for your local business ( eg .in, .nz etc
6. Look for keyword related domain names to help find your website easily
7. Aware of your competitors names
8. Limit the number of characters in the domain to 15


where-to-buy-domain-nameWhere to buy the Domain Name
There are many websites are available to book domain name and you can own it no time.
Some of the popular websites names are mentioned below



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Time to own your Domain Name

Hope you are finding the article useful so far. Domain names were available at a high price in the past however now it is so reasonable and cheap. There is no reason to delay further to get your own domain name and website.Go & get it NOW!


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