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What are Organic Results in Search Engines?

In this article, we will tell you what are organic results in search engines. Organic results in search engines help you to grow visitors very quickly.

Organic results are the results which appear in the search results of the search engines. They appear due to their relevance to the search terms.

Whenever you type a keyword into any search engine, many results appear in the search engine result page.

There are many types of search results. One is organic search results and the other one is paid search results.

Paid Search Results are those results which appear in the search engines in the yellow or green keywords.

This is called advert which has been placed by a webmaster through Adwords. Adwords helps you to place your website or blog in the top section of the search results.

You have to pay to the Google for the impression that has been made on that result. You can opt for your advert according to your budget.

This remains in the search results according to your budget. Once the budget is over, your results disappear from the search engine results.

Below is the example of Paid Search Results.


On the other hand, Organic results are those results which come by using white hat SEO techniques. With the help of organic results of your website in the search results, you can easily grow more visitors and enhance your online presence.

Organic results vary from different factors of the search engines. Quality content writing, Link Building, and various others SEO techniques are used by the webmaster to get its website on the top of search results.

It remains on the search results for a longer period of time. With organic results, you don’t have to pay any amount to anyone. Instead, this is done without any cost.

It may take a longer period of time for your website to appear in the search results.

Below is the example of Organic Results.


Organic results are far better than Adwords or pay per click. With the help of organic results, you get an improved ranking of your website or blog. This enables you to get more visitors, generate new traffic and obviously grows your business too.


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