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How Does Google Ranks Website

This article sums up with the topic on how does google ranks websites.

Everybody wants to know that How does Google ranks websites in its search engine. Google is regarded as the number one search engine in the world.

Before all of this, we will explain to you what is Google PageRank.

Google PageRank is taken from the CEO Larry Page’s name. As we all know that Google considers 200+ factors to give your website ranking.

This PageRank of a website depends on the various factors that are considered by the Google.

The Google algorithm can be broken into two parts:

  • On Page Optimization
  • Off Page Optimization


Google don’t openly tell that what those factors are. But with the combination of results, experiences, testing etc. a good SEO consultant knows what are those factors. Some of the important factors on how does Google ranks websites in its search engines are as follows:

  • Title of web page
  • Anchor Text
  • Site Structure
  • Site Speed
  • Updates on the website
  • Time spent on the website
  • Page Load Time
  • Website age
  • Content on your website
  • Number of Inbound Links
  • Quality of Inbound Links
  • Your link strategies
  • Keyword usage
  • Content-Length
  • Image Optimization
  • Number of Outbound Links
  • Quality of Outbound Links
  • Grammar and Spellings in your content
  • Broken Links
  • Reading Level
  • Keyword in URL
  • Headings (H1,H2,H3,H4 tags)
  • Bullet Points
  • Number of pages in your website
  • Meta information On-Site
  • Responsiveness of the Website
  • Use of Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools
  • User Reviews
  • Alt Tags for Images
  • Social Shares for referring page
  • Guests posts and much more


The website which is ranked number one for particular keywords follows google algorithms properly. That is the main reason for its top ranking. Google ranks websites according to its algorithms. One who meets these factors gets the opportunity to be at the top of search engine page results.


We will tell you how do Google ranks websites with the help of an example.

Suppose you have targeted a keyword for your website and it appears on the 3rd or 4th page of the search results. On the other hand, there is another website who appears with the same keyword at the top of search results.

You want to improve your website rankings and works for it. You decide to work on its structure, page load time, add quality content etc. On the other hand, the authoritative site does not update his site within this period. Then chances are higher that your website will have growth in search results with the same keyword.

There is no substitute for success apart from hard work. So if you want to improve your website ranking, then you have to work according to the given Google factors.

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