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What is Directory? How Directory Submission can be helpful.

In this article, we will explain What is Directory Submission. How Directory Submission can be helpful in better SEO for your website.


What is Directory?

A directory is a website who list individuals, organizations etc by alphabetically. The directory lists organizations or individuals with their basic details such as names, address, contact numbers, websites, email ids etc.


What is Directory Submission?

Submitting your website URL in directories available on the internet is call directory submission. Directory Submission involves www.yourwebsitename.com, proper title, description, keywords related to your website. Directory Submission is practiced in order to gain your web presence.

Directory Submission for SEO ranking

In SEO, directory submission is regarded as the very first step for off page optimization. Linking your website to many directories creates quality backlinks for your website. This helps in generating more traffic towards your website or blog. It also helps in boosting your page ranking in the search engines. Better the link building through directory submission, better the search engine optimization for your website.

Some of the Directories are as follows:


WWW Virtual Library

Jasmine Directory

Tips for Directory Submission

There are many factors that should be considered in mind while doing directory submission for your website. Some are as follows:

Time Factor

Time plays a crucial factor while directory submission. If you are posting your website URL in the different website on a single night, then you may be getting blocked by the Google for using black hat techniques for SEO. You should take time while submitting your website URL. You can post on six to seven directories per day, but not to 100s of directories in a single day.

Quality and SEO Friendly Directory

Make sure that the director is SEO friendly and has quality content on it. The age of the directory also matters a lot while directory submission.

Manual Submission

Linking your website URL for directory submission must be done manually. Do not go for automated submission by bots for your website. This can harm your search results and search engine optimization. Manual submission of directories can be helpful for your page rankings in the search engines.

Page Rank


While doing directory submission, you must check the google page rank of the directory. This helps to know the performance of the directory in the search results of Google.

Appropriate Title

Using appropriate title and description while directory submission can be helpful for the search engine optimization of your websites. The title must be your targeted keywords. Using keywords in your description can help you for better link building.
Well, these were some details and tips that can be helpful for your directory submission for your website.

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