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Search Engine Optimization and Positioning

SEO To Webdesign is delighted to have the opportunity to serve you for a solution that will dramatically help you in the development of static/dynamic websites and promoting it on internet.

Our mission is to provide a customer centric affordable design and services which must be functionally and graphically impressive so the site is not only appealing to you, but to your potential customer as well. We believe that customer satisfaction is tied directly with our success and we work by keeping that in mind.



Search engine optimization and positioning is challenging at best.

It’s not a simple matter of adding a few tags that contain your important keywords. It is an art and a science, because it is applying creative techniques to an in-depth study of the search engines and directories.

SEO To Webdesign is committed to meeting the search engine optimization & positioning needs of your web site and proposes a campaign plan. Our goal will be to meet your Search Engine Optimization outsourcing needs thoroughly and professionally.

The Scope of Work will include site optimization and allied web promotion

& development activities, SE-friendly content writing, and submission and tracking to over all major and support Search Engines and Directories.


Monthly Ranking Reports:

We will provide an Excel document which summarizes the following items:

  • The site URL
  • Rank achieved
  • Page Number on which rank is achieved

To better understand the attention to detail provided in the promotional strategy, it is helpful for you to understand the process. During the course of the promotional campaign, we update you every 15 days with an email on the progress of your campaign.


Will also include the following tasks:

  • Utilizing the best methods of “Net Copy-writing” so that your site description persuades web users to visit your site and, more importantly, appeals to the computer logic employed by the engines which influences the sort order of the site’s placement in a query list.
  • Modifying, editing, eliminating, and augmenting your suggested keywords, taking advantage of the best use of keywords to direct searches to your website.
  • Writing different site descriptions, complete with character and word counts, to allow us to submit the maximum entry that an engine allows.
  • Writing descriptive site titles of varying length, one of the most important elements of effective promotion, to maximize the space allotted in these fields.
  • Modification of the site pages HTML to include Meta Tags, revised Site title and Alt Statements with site images where applicable.


Ethical SEO Techniques:

Initial analysis

SEO is not just about implementing specific SEO techniques in a manner that is best suited to increase traffic and improve conversion. Before such techniques are used, a thorough onsite SEO analysis needs to be conducted to ensure that the full scope of SEO can be leveraged to improve its rankings. The experts at Dynastic have a thorough understanding of the algorithms of various search engines and keep updated with the latest changes. They can thus analyze and evaluate the client’s website on various parameters and develop a SEO strategy around the website’s core strengths and at the same time ensure that its weaknesses, if any, don’t hamper the success of the website.


On page optimization

The onsite optimization of a website includes many techniques that include content optimization, keyword research, defining and developing the URL structure of the website, using anchor texts, image optimization, title tags and Meta tags, and a whole lot more. We bring together the most relevant SEO techniques keeping in mind the nature of the website, its purpose, core objectives, the target audience and its competition.


Off page optimization

Dynastic is also proficient in the various offsite techniques that can influence a website’s search engine rankings including guest blog posts, forum commenting, niche links creation and many more.



  • Website Traffic Analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword analysis
  • Website analysis

On page optimization

  • URL Structure Optimization
  • Title tag Optimization
  • Meta tags Creations
  • Content Optimization
  • Header text optimization
  • Internal Linking Optimization
  • Image Alt tag Optimization
  • Page Loading Time Optimization
  • HTML Sitemap Creation
  • XML Sitemap Creation
  • Custom Designed Blog


Content Writing Services

  • Articles/blog writing
  • SEO article writing
  • Website content writing


Off page Optimization

  • Search Engine submission
  • Directory Submissions (30 in 6 months)
  • Article Submissions (2 per month)
  • Creating Blogs (1)
  • Blog commenting (4 per month)
  • Forum Commenting (2)
  • Social Bookmarking


 Social Media Plan

  • Social Profile Manage & Posting: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ (2 submissions)
  • Video Submission (1)
  • Photo sharing (5)
  • Increasing Insight
  • Engaging users



  • Keyword Ranking Reports
  • Off-page activities Reports
  • Google Analytic Reports


Link Building Package

  •  Search Engine submission
  •  Directory Submissions (every 15 days)
  •  Article Submissions
  •  Forum Commenting
  •  Blog Commenting
  •  Social Bookmarking



5 keywords of website in 6 months for          Rs 5000/month

10 Keywords of website in 6 months for       Rs.9, 000/month (recommended)

15 Keywords of website in 6 months for        Rs.13, 000/month

Basic Homepage Optimization in 45 days    Rs.3000/-





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