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Why do you Need a Website – 20 Points Explained Below

Here I am going to share with you some top secrets a website can do to enhance your business goals. There are many wonders that a website can do for you. The following 20 tips are exclusively presented for you free.

The first and foremost question is -Do you have digital presence to support your business/services or you still doing your business in a traditional way? The success of any business depends on its wider customer base. To increase the customer base/network, now everyone is going digital simply because the number of people using internet has already crossed more than 3.5 billion. The way of doing business has changed due to technological advancement. Business is developing at a faster pace and the entry to this digital space is made through WEBSITES.

Website is your online shop which opens all time in front of the world and attracts potential and targeted customers

The traditional way of doing business focus on having a shop or establishment and target customers locally. This business set up is not able to reach wider network of potential customers which is crucial for any business to sustain and expand. Here comes the importance of website

There are many varied benefits of having a website for your business.

Let us have a look at some of the key benefits here

1. Website is your online shop



This is place where you keep information and data about your business online so that anyone can access any time. It’s a one stop solution.




2. Minimum Investment

The good part is having a website for your business is very much affordable. Having a physical shop costs you more. For instance, If you want to open a store shop or any other office, you atleast need 1 lakh to start. In other words, you need to find space, pay heavy rent and maintenance costs, electricity etc and it required lots of efforts and time. All together investment will go more than 10 lakhs per annum.


3. Minimum setup time

You can have your website online in very quick time say in a day or two. How much do you think setting up a physical shop will take? Atleast 3 months to 1 year, right? No more such long wait to start or expand your businessanalytic-business-report


4. Analytical Business Reports

You can get variety of business reports from analytics to see the business performance and the targeted area for further improvement. These reports will show you many things including customer behavior pattern and products/services they are looking for.



5. Increase your customer base

SEO specialist can help you find the potential customers to increase your brand awareness and revenue at reasonable costs on an ongoing basis.


6. No need to keep excess stock

Excess stock always carries high recurring costs. Online tracking of business orders help a business to keep only ideal stock level as per customer requests





7. Your website works for you 24X7X365 DAYS

Even during your personal time your business will work 24 hours. Anytime available to your customers.



8. Platform to showcase your business

You can highlight your business live and keep pace with the changes.




9. Target wider market

You can target the entire universe to do your business





10. Go International

Why you limit your capability locally. Website helps you market your products in international market

11. Manage Competition

You can better understand your competitor moves and plans


12. Sells Directly

Potential customers contact business directly avoiding any dependencies on intermediaries like retailer, wholesalers etc


13. Saves marketing costs

Marketing efforts can be customized through different marketing options using your website. In traditional marketing, you usually spent without analyzing what customers need and end up spending lot of money with no or minimum return of
investments. Tracking online will help you customize advertising strategy to maximize return on investments


14. More visibility

Your business will get all new visibility in no time. If you use the right digital marketing strategy, you can create brand awareness across countries in a months time


15. Multiple online stores

You can open multiple departmental stores to create unique brand awareness


16. Customer Reviews

Positive customer reviews will improve your website ranking while critical business review can be taken to identify business improvement areas

17. Understand customer mindset

Customer behavior has changed these day as more and more customers making buying decisions online


18. Easy compliance

Since everything done online and you have record of everything. It ensures and eases compliance requirements


19. Track Your Business Anytime

Anytime access helps to manage your business better and place full control on it



webdesign time flexibility20. Flexibility

As the website functions around the clock, you have flexibility to access business information any time ( be at office or home ). This helps you take real time business decisions






“Having a website is not an option these days, it’s a requirement. Considering the unbelievable benefits a website can give to your business and personal branding, why don’t you have one soon. Be with the change to take your business to new heights’’

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