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What is Keyword Research in SEO

If you are a beginner in digital marketing and wants to know what is keyword research in SEO, then we are here to help you. Below are some points through which we will explain the whole concept of keyword research in search engine optimization.

What are Keywords?

Keywords are ideas and thoughts that explains what your content is all about.

In terms of SEO, keywords are the words that are used to generate results of a website for a particular niche.

Keywords in search engine optimization can be of two types. Short keywords and long tail keywords.

Short Tail Keywords

Short tail keywords are those keywords that are 1 or 2 words.

These are mainly used in headings, meta-title, meta description of the website.

Some example of short keywords are:

  • Best Mobile
  • Gym Equipment
  • Car Accessory


Long Tail Keyword

Long tail keywords are the keywords that contain more than 3 words in it.

Long tail keywords are essential for search engine optimization of the website.

Some example of long tail keywords are

  • Best Car Mechanic in India
  • Best preschool in Delhi
  • Bike showroom in Jalandhar


What is Keyword Research in SEO?

Keyword research is an important element that is done for search engine optimization.

Without keyword research, the digital marketing expert cannot decide and tell that how a website can be taken to the first page of Google’s search results.

Keyword research is the most basic and essential part of taking the website from zero to the top.

Keyword research helps you to take the keywords that can help your business to grow digitally.

Personalised Tip

You can use long tail keywords in order to rank higher and faster. Long tail keywords are easier to rank than short tail keywords.

Wind-Up Summary

If you wish to rank your business higher in the digital market then must do keyword research for your website. Using tools like Keyword Planner, SEMrush etc. can help you to get higher search results and can grow your brand digitally.


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