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Website Building – CMS Vs Static Website Design?

There are only these two commonly used website designs: Content Management Systems (CMS) and Static Web Designs. Here in this article you will learn about advantages and disadvantage of CMS vs Static website design . If you want to design your website or redesign your website then here you will quickly discover which design platform you should choose according to money and time.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Static Website Design

Static Website Design requires less effort and therefore is usually cheaper. You just tell the person designing your website what you want the website to look like, and they design a website for you, including all of the content. Normally a static website contains 4-5 pages which are not that much big task to be done.

The benefits of choosing for a static website is that it’s cheap and it’s quick (and sometimes that suits our requirement!)

However, there are also downsides for this kind of website.

Whenever you want to update or alter something or to add something to your website you would have to contact your designer or webmaster and usually it costs more time and more money to make minor changes in the website.

It’s also a lot more difficult to rank high on the search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing with a static page.


Advantages of CMS (Content Management System) Website

A Content Management System or cms website is a flexible design system that allows you to update your website any time, at your convenience in less time. You can add multiple pages to your website and edit your content and photo’s without needing to call on your webmaster or developer services.

A Content Management website can be designed and customized just like a static page.

There are a lot of benefits with a Content Management Website: First of all it offers you flexibility and saves your time and on the long term with less money investment. Plus it’s comparatively simple to marketing + promotion and allows you to interact easily with your clients.

The beginning cost is not that high in many cases (depending upon the requirement) and there are many cheap designs that you can use and customize for your needs. No doubt, you can make it as much fun as you want.


Is updating a Content management website difficult?

No. You don’t require any technical background and a deep programming knowledge to be able to work with a Content Management System. All you need to do is learn and practise some basic tools to use the CMS platform which you can do in a very less span of time.

It’s really not that much complicated. Your web designer can easily explain how it works within a few minutes.

There is also a lot of free information and blogs available on the internet to tell you how to simply use a Content Management System. It is really very straight forward and if you know how to operate a computer at the basic level and surf the internet you will have no trouble using a Content Management System (CMS).


Which website should i choose – Static Or Dynamic ? 

You’ll have to answer this question by yourself because only you know what type of website do you want and what is the initial requirement? What does it need to do for you? Would you like the possibility to update information yourself? What is your budget?

We at Get Me Online Marketing (SEO Experts) and web designing company, will most of the times recommend you Content Management System (CMS) because the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

Now that you know the difference between a Content Management System and a Static Web Design, all you need to do is decide clearly which one is right for you and your company.

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