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Top 5 mistakes that you are doing with your E-commerce website

In this article, you will learn about the top 5 mistakes that you are doing with your e-commerce website.

Have an e-commerce? Worried about the sales achievement through your e-commerce website? Consistently having lower sales every time?

Then, these are the top 5 mistakes that you are doing with your e-commerce website.

Top 5 mistakes that you are doing with your E-commerce website


1. Insufficient Product Description and Details

The first mistake you are doing is the lack of product description. If your website’s products lack in its description and details, it leads to losing the prompt visitor.

Take a look at a product in Flipkart.


You must have an easy to read description and details about the product.It helps the visitor to know more about your product’s information.

2. Substandard Product Images

The second mistake you are doing is substandard product images.Your product’s images speak out a lot about your product.

Even if you have written a full description of your product but forgotten to upload an HD image then you will lose your customer very instantly.

You can take the example of Amazon’s products.


We ourselves do not wish to buy those products that have a low-quality image then how can we wish the others to buy with the same.

Must upload standardized quality images that can easily be seen from different angles.

3. Puzzled Checkout Process

The third mistake you are doing is Puzzled Checkout Process.

If your checkout process is very confusing and takes a longer time, then also you are going to lose customers from your e-commerce website.

Your checkout process must be quick so that the customer can place the order instantly.

4. Inferior Shopping Cart Design


The fourth mistake you are doing is Inferior Shopping Cart Design.Your website shopping cart design must look like a shopping cart.

Customers must feel that they are doing online shopping in the digital market.

Your shopping cart design must be eye-catching and must be placed in the right place so that the visitor can easily place their order on it.

5. Product Overloading

The fifth mistake you are doing is Product Overloading.The other mistake that every e-commerce owner does is product overloading.

In order to gain maximum sales owners usually add multi-products on the single page.

This must be avoided. If you want to generate more sales through your e-commerce then you must avoid overloading of products.

Instead of overloading the products in the single page, you can add the related products of the particular item on the page. This will increase your sales digitally.

Wind-Up Summary

The above were the points that you were doing wrong with your e-commerce website. If you wish to create a healthy e-commerce website that generates sales then you must consider the above points. These points will gradually help you out to generate sales in the digital market.

In this article, you learned Top 5 mistakes that you are doing with your e-commerce website.

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