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Top 14 Web design mistakes that can kill your business

Imagine you are going to purchase a product from a shop in the market. While entering the store, you see that you have to ring the bell and then it allows you to enter the store. Would you like to visit that store again in future??

The same case goes for the website design as well. Unknowingly we commit some major mistakes in our website designing that it can lead in destroying your own business in the digital market.

Well, in this article we are going to tell you about top 14 web design mistakes that can kill your business.

Top 14 web design mistakes that can kill your business are as follows:

1. Autoplay of audio & video files

Not every visitor has the same thinking as yours.

Autoplay of audio and video files on the website can lead the visitor into irritation. And most of the visitors won’t even bother to close your website as soon as possible.

So make sure that you don’t add autoplay of audio and video files to your website. If you really want to add audio or video files then you can give the option of playing the files by the visitor himself.

2. Substandard Grammar and Spellings Mistakes in the Content


Content is the king in the digital market. But if your website has content on it and the same content contains substandard grammar then it will surely kill your business digitally.

Use correct grammar and avoid spelling mistakes in the content writing.

3. No clear call to action


The absence of or not clear call to action button on your website can also hamper your business productivity digitally.

All you have to make sure that call to action button must be placed on the website. Plus it must be clearly visible.

4. Too many pop-ups on the website


Having a website is a great thing to generate business through the digital market.

But forcing the customer to visit your website will definitely hamper your business in the near future.

Yes, most of the people use too many pop-ups on the website that it irritates the visitors of your website.

Keep a clear website that does not contain excessive pop-ups on the website.

5. Social Media Presence


Most of the website owners are present on the various social media platforms, but they forget to integrate their social media profiles on their website.

If you are present in the social media then show your visitors.

Let your visitor know about your social channels.

This generates a trust between your company and the user.

Do not avoid integration of social media channels into your website.

6. Using too much of Advertisement


The advertisement is also a part of your online success. But using too much of advertisement on your website can be a threat to your digital success.

While designing or with your existing website, remove all the advertisement that is present on your website.

You can use the advertisement but in such a way that it looks elegant. Avoid using too much of advertisement.

7. Lacking in Navigation

Lacking in navigation is another web design mistake that can kill your business.

You must use navigation bar that helps the visitor to navigate the website easily.

With the help of navigation, the visitor does not feel lost on the website.

This is some kind of helping hand that you are giving to the visitor to know more about your website.

8. No Search Bar present on the website


When a visitor visits your website and wants to look up for a page that he/she already has seen and finds that there is no search bar present on the website.

The visitor will surely leave the website instantly. Using a search bar on your website will surely degrade your business digitally.

9. Mobile Unresponsive


Forgetting to optimize your website such that it works on the mobile platforms also declines your online business.

Keep in mind to use mobile responsiveness on your website.

It will add traffic to your website through new channels.

10. Excessive Usage of flash & Animation

Some business owners really like adding flash content to their website. But they forget the fact that excessive usage of flash and animation can kill their business digitally.

Excessive usage of flash and animation content leads to increasing the page load time.

Increasing of page load time will lead to higher bounce rate, i.e. visitor leaves the website without even watching the whole page.

This will overall lead in losing your ranking in the search engine page rankings.

So suggestive way is that, use minimum flash and animation content on your website.

11. Inferior Color Combination

Color combination must be of first priority.

Use diligent color combination on your website that looks clean and easy to understand.

Using inferior color combination into your website also plays a major factor in increasing or decreasing your online presence.

12. Logo Placement


Your logo placement also plays a vital factor in taking your business or killing your business digitally.

Many website owners forget to integrate their logo into their home page. Most of the website has their logo placed on the left side of the website.

So most of the visitors look for the logo of the website either at the top left or in the middle. Placing the logo unnecessarily at any point of a page will kill your business. Your logocentrism is a major factor in your online success.

13. Website Loading Time


If you have a perfect website design on the web but lack of loading time then also you are going to lose your business.

Visitors do not like to stay if your website loading time is more than 2-4 seconds.

You must keep an eye on your website loading time.

This also increases as well as decreases your business digitally.

14. Ugly Graphics or Poor quality Images

Using ugly graphics or poor quality images on your website will definitely kill your business instantly.

Visitors visit your website in order to get desired information.

However, if he feels he is not getting what he wants or getting inferior images or graphics on your website then you are going to lose that visitor.

A clear graphic would help you to generate new business leads but an ugly graphic decreases your current digital value in the digital market.

Wind-Up Summary

Many business owners get their website designed according to their wishes. But in this process, they forget about their customer or visitor who wishes to visit their website.

And unknowingly does the above 14 web design mistakes that can kill your business. So make sure that your website does not lack behind in the digital market.

If you have committed mistakes on your website and wish to correct it, then you can contact the best website designing company in Delhi.

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