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Things you Need to Start a Startup

Thinking about starting your business and build your own world? This is extremely a good step in your life. Congratulations! Having your own business means entire 24 hours a day is at your disposal and you can plan your time, resources, money , costs, people connections etc. the way you want to be and of course you try to do only the best. It also means you take the responsibility for every dollar or rupee you spend or plan to spent and take accountability for every action.

A careful planning and execution is a must and all hasty decision should be avoided. While starting any business, it is quite natural that you are just carried away by imagination and likely result your business will produce. However, the study shows that more than 80% failure chances if you don’t plan well for your STARTUPS.

Here you find some very useful tips and suggestions which you can consider while planning a STARTUP.

Conceptualize your Startup’s Idea or Themes

Be clear as to what you want to do or trying to achieve. This is first, most critical and difficult tasks you must do. Once you have an idea or theme about the business you want to start up, socialize or discuss the same with your family or closest friends. Be open to take their views or suggestions, listen and understand the same and redefine your ideas again. Now if you think, your business idea is feasible and practical, go ahead!


Budget/Finance Check

Finance is the lifeblood of business. Needless to say, money decides the progress of your every step. Please make sure that you have the reasonable budget to support your Startup or do an arrangement for it.



Build your basic website

In present time your business presence Online is more important than Offline. Immediately you discuss about your business, people ask for your website or related information to see and know more about you Online. Important things to remember here is do not go for a sophisticated website which can show case your business plan.

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Focus on Digital Marketing

Find a SEO expert who can do your business optimization or marketing at reasonable costs with commitment.

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Timing of your business is also very vital and for your initial success. For eg: You may not want to start a business of selling umbrellas during off rainy season.



If your focus is on getting customers to your business place more frequently ( eg: restaurant ), location is very important. A location which welcome customers and have decent ambience will surely attracts more customers

commitments for startup


You must develop a mission or goal statement for your startups. Be committed your Mission every time. For eg: your mission is to provide value to your customers, do and keep it. Do what you promise to build credibility, integrity and trusts among customers.


Business Review

At least every month, do forget to see where you reached against your plan. This will give you necessary information to understand the gap and steps to be taken to bridge the gap. A very important step which normally everyone ignores, but you should not..

Hope this article is of some use to you and once again all the best and congratulation for your STARTUPS

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