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How PPC Advertising can Increase Your Online Sales

What is PPC (Pay Per Click)?

Before knowing that whether PPC can increase your online sales or not, the first thing you need to know clearly is – What is PPC and how it actually works?

PPC or also called Pay per click is an internet advertising and marketing model used to drive traffic to websites, in which advertisers pay the publisher (typically a website owner) when the ad is clicked. It is defined simply as “the amount spent to get an advertisement clicked. Adwords is one of the most popular ways for advertisers to place ads and be shown on the first page in Google’s search results page.

Where are the ads located in Google’s search results page?

The websites ads in the right column shown in the image are PPC ads which are using Google Adwords, and at the top of the page there will often be yellow highlighted ads and these are preferred PPC ads by Google. The more the ad-title belongs to search query, the more will be the probability of the ad to be shown on the top. Sometimes the priority also gets fluctuated according to the bid price.




About Google’s Search Engine – The Biggest Search Engine Ever

No doubt Google itself is a very great search engine which provides you almost accurate search results for your search queries. The main area of the Google search results page is where the “Organic” websites are. The search results are completely free and show the most related websites to the terms/keywords that you search for. And indeed maximum times, these websites have a lot of information about the topic and that is one of the reasons why they are so high up in the Organic search area of Google. Many of these websites are running SEO’s for improving their page rank and optimizing their keywords to have high availability in search engines. A lot of these websites will also have been optimized for the web using targeted keywords to run throughout their content, images, Meta tags, headings and other areas of the website. They will also have worked on link building to help increase their page rank – boost their position in Google.

The benefit of PPC comes here. The Google itself shows you millions of search results for a single search query and the websites who have been optimized well are given the priority over the others. PPC doesn’t work that way. In simple words, it has nothing to do with your website’s optimization. You just pay a good price and you will always find yourself on the right side of the ads sections whenever someone will search according to your keyword query.


What to Choose? – Organic Advertising OR Pay Per Click

Normally Organic search takes a lot of time to get optimized for a particular website. You build a website today and its will start showing its results on Google search after 4-5 months. That’s too, when you are regularly working on it regularly like updating content and optimizing keywords, creating back links etc. It can take quite a lot of time and effort to rank well in the Organic section of Google. Depending on your website, search engines may only look at it every few months which means that the content and link building that you’re doing to improve your Organic ranking will not take effect immediately. And even when your pages are found and indexed they still may not show on the first page. I do highly recommend that link building and website optimization still be part of your website development but if you want to get things happening straight away or want to be on the front page of Google for your target market, then PPC advertising is the way to go.


Get No. 1 Position with Google Adwords – “Give Less, Have More”

Costing and Positioning always depend upon keywords and the way your website is designed i.e. landing page. The more optimized your ad and landing page, the cheaper it will be for your PPC ad. This is because Google will see the relevance of your ad and rank it higher than other ads because of its content, but if your landing page has nothing related to your ad or keywords, or is a small page with not much information on it; you’ll have to pay more for your PPC Adwords Campaign. Also if your landing page on your website is a general information page only and doesn’t relate to your ad then you’ll lose your visitors because it is not what they were searching for therefore loosing you money.


Testing your ads

It’s not like you just create your ad, connect a bank account with your Adwords account and let it flow. Because this way you are going to lose a lot of money that you may or may not notice at the time of happening. You need to keep track of what sales pitch is working, demographics, budget, what keywords are working – exact match – broad match and negative keywords. What we may expect to work often doesn’t so testing and keeping a track of your PPC Campaign is a must!


Major Benefits of PPC

  1. You ad is shown to thousands of users at a time. That helps in promotion and the major blast is you have to pay only when someone clicks on your ad and is taken to your website.
  2. Google Adwords is great because instead of waiting for search engines to find new content that you may have added to your site, you can be listed straight away on the front page of Google.
  3. You can choose your target segment. With Google Adwords you can target your local community, that way you’re only paying when people within a certain radius of your location click on your ad.
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