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Image Optimization

Image Optimization – Very important for SEO Strategy

Welcome to the world of IMAGES. Visualization effect is more impactful and the result is immediate when compared to using thousands of words. Visualization goes deep into the minds of viewers and remains there for a longer time. Image optimization gives you great result if uses judiciously and strategically.

IMAGE optimization simply means use of relevant images in your SEO campaign, more specifically in your blog writing to target the potential customers.

Now let us see some of the factors one should consider if you plan to do Image Optimization in your blog or websites:



Image size SEO optimization

This is the most critical factor for SEO. Big size images make your webpage very heavy. It also takes long time to load the content. Customers easily switched to other options if your image takes more waiting time to display the content. Hence it is very critical. You might have heard about the latest PANDA update. This consider the number of times visitor comes to your website to decide the rank.



What Image types you consider to use your specific campaign? Do they related and relevant to your content? Do they give users a brief message about the contents? These questions should be considered when you select an Image. For instance if you use the IMAGE of Footwear on a page related to Food, it has no correlation and can be easily ignored by your customers.



Image Optimization name SEO

Very important but it is easily ignored by many in SEO image optimization. It is always recommended to use a related File name with your images. This gives users some information about your content. For instance, instead of using the File name AI001.JPG, use the file name like north-indian-food.JPG. Using such related name can be easily ranked by Search Engine.



Image Optimization title linkiing

Last but the most important aspect is Linking and Title Tag. After you put all your efforts in making an eye catching image, it is equally important to link to image to your targeted destination. This ensures quality traffic visits your relevant areas of web page and enables them to make their decision making faster. You can use multiple linking from page to page to keep customers engaged and interested.


Alt tag

Image alt tags

Alt tags are very important for your images. Each image should have an alt text. It is the alternate text ,if the image is not available ,and search engines use this text to identify what the image is.


You know the importance of TITLE Tag and Title Description already, right? Use relevant keywords in the title tag and description so that readers can be rightly guided to the space you want for a better conversion rate and rank.

Hope you found this article useful for IMAGE Optimization. Now you can look for many related tools and software which are available to help you with IMAGE Optimization. Take Action Now !


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