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How to Hack Facebook Algorithm to Enhance your Dead Page Reach

In this article, you will learn 4 Best Tricks on How to hack facebook algorithm to enhance your dead page reach. Facebook is now considered very important part of our life. There are about 2.1 billion active monthly users that use facebook. With more than 2.4 million advertisers and 50 million small business page users, it’s hard to get into the crowd.

The organic reach of the business pages is being eaten by the advertisers who are ready to pay for generating organic reaches. Facebook is also thinking to vanish the organic reaches and is planning to make itself a complete advertising agency to advertise people’s products and services. In this competition, it’s hard to survive.
So how can we survive without paying an extra penny to Facebook? This is the main question. For this, we have some hacks that can enhance your dead page reach at Facebook.

The following hacks on How to hack facebook algorithm to enhance your dead page reach are as follows.

1. Preferred audience targeting


Facebook has an option of targeting a preferred audience. It depends on you that at which audience you want to target. You can opt audiences according to your business. Suppose you have a business of girls clothing, and you want to target only females. You can get this done through the preferred audience targeting.


Preferred audience targeting also helps to categorize the ages of the audience. You can choose the audiences according to their ages. This is the first hack to enhance and optimize your dead and organic reaches.

2. Post more Video Content


Did you know that video content is now getting more viral than normal text posts? If you want to share your views regarding any niche, then video content helps you to get organic post reach.
We will suggest you post more video content rather than text, links or image content.
This can help you to generate new leads or post reach towards your business page at facebook

3. Share Your Best Content


This is the third hack on How to Hack Facebook Algorithm to enhance your Dead page reach. To get more visitors to your page, don’t just post unnecessary information.People just hate random post that doesn’t complete the needs and wants.
Instead, you can share one best quality content on a single day and help your engagers to get what they really want.

4. Invite Engagements


Last but not the least, You can invite your engagements to like your page. In other words, you can ask and invite your friends that are added on the facebook to like your page. This is the best and an easy way to get more reaches towards your dead facebook page.
This can look funny and an old strategy. But on a serious note, this hack can work better than all your useless strategy to get more post reach. There is 15-20 percent conversion rates that can actually give a life to your dead page.

Well, these were the 4 Best Tricks on How to hack facebook algorithm to enhance your dead page reach.

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