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Content Optimization

Here i am going to share some very important insights about Content Optimization. Content writing is an art and Content optimization is a skill.



Having a beautiful content is important however it will not be any use if your content or blog does not find by users when looked for. Here comes the popularity of Content Optimization. You might think it has to do a lot with technical or coding. This is not correct. What all you need to do is to have a close look at the blog or article you have and do the basics right in terms of specific keywords or descriptions so that search engine will find it easy to locate and internet users get what they are looking for as a search results.


Is it a separate task ?

Content optimization is not separate from content and no need to do this as separate tasks. It is a series of steps to make your web pages more useful, real, authentic and user friendly while keeping the trusts and integrity.


Why content optimization is important for your business

Search Engines are very particular about your contents and your ranking/index to a great extent depends on the quality of content and its optimization. For eg: if your content takes the users to an unrelated page on clicking some of the keywords or the users don’t find your content meaningful, there is every possibility that they look for other search engines. This will hit both search engine and ultimately your ranking.


Useful Tips

Now having understood the context of content optimization, let us look at some of the useful tips you can make use of to optimize and content and increase the quality traffic to boost your business

1. Don’t stuff your Content with Keywords

Use specific keywords that are related and genuine. It should improve user experience and real. Too much of unrelated keywords is a real problem for search engine and your ranking


2. Build Trusts

Content optimization is a way to built trusts. The more useful information the users get there is likely chance that they follow your brand which will eventually built trusts


3. Focus on quality

Never ever compromise on the quality. What is the use of having a lengthy content if the users don’t find it meaningful Never ever compromise on quality.


4. Keep readers engaged and encourage them to take action

Readers should be inspired and encourage to take action This will improve your click through ratio and eventually your sales.


5. Title Tag

This is most commonly and repeatedly seen by users. Use specific keywords to explain the intent.


6. Meta Description

Focus your attention on developing Meta description and make sure that visitors find the right keywords which describes the content they will are going to get.


7. Images/gif

Images also been used to drive traffic and can really gives you easy traffic if rightly used. Visualisation is generally liked by all.


8. Video

Last but the most important aspect is use of Videos. Who don’t get influenced by short, crisp and catchy videos? Use it to your advantage to bring more specific traffic.


9 . Copy write

Don’t copy others content .This will affect your ranking. Hope this content is useful and improve your understanding better. Why wait start action , optimize your contents and see how traffic coming to your websites.


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