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Complete YouTube SEO Guide

This complete YouTube SEO Guide will tell you about how you can increase the number of visitors in your YouTube videos.

How can YouTube SEO be helpful for your work?

YouTube SEO plays a major factor in increasing the website or a blog ranking in digital market. As stated that YouTube is second largest search engine on the internet. YouTube SEO is very helpful for any brand recognition, product marketing, service marketing, showcasing your talent and much more. So with the help of YouTube SEO , you can generate more business, more clients etc to your blog/website, through YouTube videos.

Main and foremost question will arise in your mind, why to use video keywords?

To be practical, if you search anything on the internet, you will get search results within seconds. Various websites will appear according to your search result but there will also be one or more than one result that will be related to youtube video result. We will tell you this with the help of an example.

If you type how to play ludo king in google, search results appears like this.


This is one of the major factor of YouTube SEO.

If you type “Dance Tutorials” in google, a YouTube video also appears in the search list.


These words “How to play Ludo King” and “Dance Tutorials” are Youtube SEO video keywords.

How to find Video Keywords?

Everybody wants to grow his/her talent/business/blog etc to an advanced level. So one must know about the fact that what their potential customer’s needs and wants are!

To know how these searches appears or how these video keywords play a vital role in Youtube SEO, this complete YouTube SEO guide will tell you about one major tool of google i.e. Keyword Planner.

Keyword Planner is a tool by google adwords by which you can check what keywords are mostly searched for!
For example –

Visit Adwords and login to your google account.Google-AdWords-seo-to-web-design

Then on Tools in the menu bar, click on Keyword Planner.


Search for a keyword, lets say “Western Dance”western-dance-seo-to-web-design

There are about 10 million to 100 million average monthly searches for this keyword.

If you search for the same keyword in the google, you will get to know that apart from blog posts ,there are video searches present in the search result.


With the help of keyword analysis, you can actually get more visitors in your videos.

How to make YouTube Keyword successful through YouTube SEO?

If you want to make a successful YouTube video through YouTube SEO then you must consider these factors for your YouTube Ranking.

Optimizing your Youtube video by Meta Data:

Most of the youtube videos are solely dependant on engagement metrics. Getting right metadata is useful for optimizing youtube videos.

  1. Video File Name: If you are uploading any video , you can enter the keyword as the name of the file. It will be helpful for YouTube SEO
  2. Video Title: While naming the title for the video, you must take into consideration that the keyword which is being searched for is stated at the start.video-title-youtube-seo-guide
  3. Description: A video description is a must for any YouTube video. Description helps the viewer in noticing the content in advance. An optimized description helps you to be get higher results in both YouTube results as well as Google results.Put the link of your website or blog at the top of the description. This will surely be helpful in increased CTR.description-youtube-seo-guide
  4. Make sure that the keyword frequency is 2 percent.
  5. Give links of the Social Profile that you have and tell viewers what they can get if they subscribe and connect to your social media account.

Engagement Metrics

Engagement Metrics play a vital role in YouTube SEO.

  1. Views: Viewers usually tends to view those videos who have higher views than any other.So views also matters a lot in YouTube SEO. You can get views through uploading the video link to your blog, sharing it on social media, attaching a link at your email signature etc.
  2. Shares: Huge amount of sharing of YouTube video to your social media accounts , professional accounts can lead to successive Youtube SEO.
  3. Likes & Dislikes: The amount of likes and dislikes on your videos also affects your youtube ranking. So make sure that you have well amount of likes in your video. Having more dislikes in your account can lead to negative impression to a viewer, which will surely make him/her pushing the dislike button even if the video content is good.
  4. Watch Time : Watch time is the total time that a viewer is watching a video. Let’s say, if your video content is of 3 minutes and all the viewers are leaving the video watching it after 20-40 seconds. Then these make a negative factor for your content and your YouTube ranking falls down. So make sure that u have a quality content that a user or a viewer is watching to the full.
  5. Comments: If people are commenting at your video, make sure that you are also replying and being engaged with them. This creates a positive image of your channel to the subscribers as well as to the YouTube and hence increases ranking of your video.
  6. Thumbnails: Thumbnails are also important for your You-tube SEO. Providing a thumbnail that represents the content of your video helps in boosting your YouTube ranking.thumbnails-youtube-seo-guide
  7. Video Quality : HD video tends to be more viewed than any other video quality. These are also preferred to be at the top of the results. A bad video quality is not preferable for your YouTube SEO.

Last but not the least, if you follow these metrics and engagements, you probably will be sitting at the top of the Youtube results.
Please note: This is an article of YouTube SEO,not of Google SEO. It will be helpful for your YouTube rankings but not for Google as Google SEO is quite different from YouTube SEO.

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