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Classified Ads to Generate Traffic and Leads

Classified ads to generate traffic and leads is not only the biggest way to boost your online presence but also the smartest way to showcase your products and services over the web.

Classified ads are the cheapest way to increase your presence in the market. Classified ads are usually promoted through newspapers, distributions etc. But since the digital era has arrived, the best way to promote your ads is to upload it to the digital classified advertising websites. There are many websites available who provide ads with no cost. You can actually generate more traffic with their web presence. They are high PR (Pagerank). Due to their high page rank, you can use their services to promote your products without paying any single amount.
You must have heard of OLX, Quickr, Locanto etc in your television advertisement. These sites are called the classified ads website that helps you to generate new traffic and leads.

If you can sell your used products over these sites then without knowing the buyer then why don’t you make optimum utilization of these services for your first-hand products.

Yes, you can use classified ads to generate traffic and leads.

How to use this? This might be coming next to your mind, Right!

We’ll explain you with the following images, through which you can use classified ads to generate traffic and leads.


Visit OLX


Visit OLX and click on the Submit a Free Ad


Add Description


  • In this page, you have to write an attractive title that you think people would use to search your advertisement.
  • If you have services to showcase, you can click on the categories and choose services for your business.
  • Then comes the ad description. You must write an appropriate description of your products and services. It should be written in such a way that every visitor that visits the ad can come to know about your products and services. It should be catchy and attractive.


Photos and Personal Information


  • You can add photos to attract your visitors. Images with information tend to attract visitors and help you to generate leads.
  • You can add your personal details in the classified ad so that the visitor can make a contact with you.


Upgrade your advertisement


Classified ads also have an option to upgrade your ad and keep your ad at the top priority. You can pay some amount and get maximum visitors to your ad. Later it depends on you that how to close the deal with the leads.


Submit the Ad


Once you are done with all the details, you can submit the ad. The classified ad team will verify your ad and then later post it on their website.

When your ads get submitted, you get a feature to know how many visitors have seen your ad.

Through this process, we can use Classified ads to generate traffic and leads for your website and business.

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