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How To Buy a Domain Name

In this article, we will explain to you how to buy a domain name for your website or a blog.
“How to buy a domain name” is the main concern for those people who do not belong to the technical background.

Buying a domain name is an essential part of any person who wants to work digitally. If you want to create a personal blog, you need a domain for it. If you want to showcase your business digitally, then also you need a domain name for your website. There are “N” numbers of a reason that why you must have a domain name. This article is for all those who don’t know how to buy a domain name.

Importance of a Domain Name

  • If you ever wanted to shift your web hosting of your website to other web hosting service provider, then you can shift it easily. In this case, you don’t have to buy a new domain. The same domain stays with you. That is the main power of a domain.
  • You get a greater credibility if you have a domain name of your business. It acts as a trust factor within the customers and they start working with you.
  • With the help of a domain name, you can get sponsorship for your website.
  • Domain name is also essential for your search engine optimization for your website. A good domain name helps in generating traffic from the search results.

This article is directly related to domain name registration and will clear all your doubts “How to buy a domain name”.

Important Factors that should be kept in mind while buying a Domain Name.

The domain name must be directly related to your brand name. If it is not related to your brand name then it will not be easy for search engines to recognize that what product or services you are dealing with.

  • Your domain name must not break any copyright compliance.
  • The name of your domain should be unique. It should be catchy and easily memorable.
  • It should consist of the keyword that you are targeting.
  • If the name which you are planning to buy is also available on the social networking sites, then it will be plus point for your search results.

How to buy a domain name?


Let us quickly take a tour on how to buy a domain name.
For the registration overview, you can directly visit the top-notch registrar’s website available in the search engines.You can look up for the desired domain name and its availability. If the domain name is available then you can pay the registration fee and own that domain.

With our past experiences, we would suggest you buy a domain name for at least two to three years. You get discounts when you purchase for a longer period.

These top-notch registrars also provide web hosting services. If you want then you can also get the web hosting by them. Some registrars ask you to pay for the web hosting and gives you the domain name at free of cost.(According to a research, they includes the domain name with a discounted amount in the web hosting services amount).
If you want to take web hosting from a different service provider, then you take that service from other companies. Nobody will force you to buy that web hosting from them.

You can pay for the domain with the credit card or debit card. Once the domain gets expired, you have to renew it at the same time. Or else some other person will register it with his name.

Step by Step Procedure to buy a Domain Name

Look for the domain you are searching



Check the various available options.


Select the domain name.


Select the time period for your registration and payment amount.


Login the account and complete the payment.


There are many domain name registrars available in the market. These registrars can provide and register domains for you. Some of them are as follows.

  • Godaddy
    Godaddy has been regarded as one of the best domain name registrars in the world. They have registered almost 16 million domains. Their after sale services is also very renowned.
  • Bigrock
    Bigrock is the leading registrar for the domain name and hosting service provider. They have registered over 6 million domains and has been from 10 years in the market.

There are also many more registrars who can register a domain name for you. In this article, you learned on how to book a domain name.

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