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9 Best Tips to Boost up your Instagram followers without any Investment

Hello friends. We are presenting you this article named 9 best tips to boost up your Instagram followers without any investment. In this article, we will guide you regarding how to skyrocket your Instagram followers very easily.

Instagram is a huge social media network consisting of 600 million users. If you have your business and want to promote it digitally, then this app can help you a lot in boosting up your online presence.

Many businesses are running through Instagram app only. But the question is not just to be present at this social media.

In Fact, the question is how should we influence those prompt users to visit your Instagram account and follow you back.

For this, we have made this article exactly for you. By this article, you will get to learn about how should you use your Instagram account so that you can increase your followers and increase your online presence.

9 Best Tips to Boost up your Instagram followers are as follows:


1. Publicize your Instagram account to your audience

The main step in generating your followers at Instagram is to promote and publicize your Instagram account. You may have your Facebook account, Twitter account etc.

You can post your IG account details and let your audiences know about your online presence at Instagram.

This will help you to get followers from your current other social media networks.

2. Use Unique Content

Using unique content on your posts also helps you to generate more followers. Just imagine yourself as a user.

If you see anything unique on the internet, you will yourself like it and share it with others.

So this strategy helps you to generate more followers on your Instagram. This is one of the best tips to boost up your Instagram followers without any investment.

3. Hashtags Usage

The second major factor in increasing your IG followers is your hashtag usage.

You don’t know each and every person on this social media platform.

But using the hashtag on your posts can eventually help you to increase your followers.

These are the best hashtags that you can use for your next IG post.

#love (1,21,58,27,694 posts)
#instagood (70,00,97,363 posts)
#photooftheday (48,17,54,921 posts)
#beautiful (44,34,74,041 posts)
#tbt (40,04,96,828 posts)
#happy (41,15,36,694 posts)
#cute (40,34,72,847 posts)
#fashion (45,65,98,145 posts)
#followme (37,51,85,670 posts)
#me (34,08,17,467 posts)
#follow (35,67,51,211 posts)
#like4like (39,20,28,595 posts)
#picoftheday (36,17,58,501 posts)
#selfie (32,83,73,293 posts)

4. Engagement With Others on Instagram

If you are a brand who thinks that you are a celebrity and does not engage with your followers, then you are going to lose your followers shortly.

You must engage with each and everyone at your Instagram account.

This gives a trust and faith in your followers that you are connected with them.

This will help you to increase more sales for your business.

5. Follow More People on Instagram

One of the major factors that increase your Instagram followers is by following more and more people.

When you follow a person on Instagram, 80% are chances that he/she will follow you back for sure.

It is kind of old but a great strategy to gain more followers at your Instagram account.

6. Regular Posting

Regular posting helps your followers to know more about you.

If you don’t post regularly then you will lose your current followers.

Make sure you post your account on daily basis.

7. Right Filters on Your Images

While posting an image on IG. Make sure that you use the right filters that brighten the quality of the image.

The image must be good enough to understand by everyone.

8. Steal or Break-in to your competitor’s followers

If you want to increase more followers instantly, then you can use this trick to generate a huge fan following. You can break-in your competitor’s followers and follow them. Make sure that you follow them, like their posts and comment on at least one of the post. You will get a huge response if you use this trick.

For your guidance, we will suggest you follow your competitors 100 followers. Once you have followed, like their photo or post and comment anything you want. But comment in such a way that it looks as an appreciation given by you. This will result in getting a follow back to your targeted audiences.

9. Update your Post only when your audiences are available

The major factor that helps you to increase your fan following at Instagram is updating posts at the right time.

You can know about the post-performance at your engagement statistics.

Update your every post when your audiences are active.

This will result in a high response by your audiences at your posts.

There is no need to update your posts regularly/ You can also schedule posts for a week and let it update automatically.

Wind-Up Summary

Everybody wants to be famous in the digital era. So for this, we have an Instagram which can make us famous without any investment. Using these 9 Best Tips to Boost up your Instagram followers without any Investment will help you to generate more followers as well as your leads for your business.

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