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5 Things You are Doing Wrong With Your Mobile SEO

In this article you will learn the 5 Things You are Doing Wrong With Your Mobile SEO.

Mobile phones have dominated a lot of things in the new digital world.

So using the mobile phone for dominating the web world can be very helpful for your website.

But unknowingly some people use SEO tactics and forgets the major crowd that comes through mobile phones.

In order to convey our message we are writing this article for you so that you come to know the 5 Things You are Doing Wrong With Your Mobile SEO.

5 Things You are Doing Wrong With Your Mobile SEO are as follows:


1. Advertisements

Those websites which have a high amount of ads integrated into it makes the customer or visitor irritate.

The visitor doesn’t stay at the website for a long time that has a high amount of interstitial ads.

It is advisable to not to use ads that appear over the content.

This results in losing your larger amount of traffic at your website through mobile phones.

2. Loading Time

If your website loading time is late then also it leads to the loss of prompt visitors.

Pages that have slow loading time also results in the higher bounce rate.

So make sure that your website’s pages are browsed easily and instantly.

3. Responsiveness

If your website is not mobile optimized then it is a big loss for your website. Most of the visitors visit your website through mobile phones.

And having an unresponsive website leads to broken pages or links into the mobile phone screens.

Make sure that your website is responsive and the user experiences a greater advantage while visiting your website through their cell phones.

4. Keywords Usage

Using the same strategy for keyword research for mobile SEO as the desktop SEO is not a good idea.

You have to search the keywords that are being searched through the mobile phones.

It’s advantageous if you know the keywords that are being searched on the mobile phones.

You can use Google Search Console for checking the right keywords.

You can also use long tail keywords that will help you to grow maximum visitors through mobiles.

5. Neglecting Indexing of App Pages 

If you have an app or if you are an app developer, so you must know to index your app pages.

Your app pages have a higher chance and opportunity to grow in the search engine rankings.

It is advisable to index your app pages and grow your visitors.

Wind-Up Summary

We should use Mobile SEO for generating visitors to our website as most of the visitors are browsing the websites through their smartphones.

One must use these 5 Things You are Doing Wrong With Your Mobile SEO article in order to generate more traffic towards their website through mobile phones.

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