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3 Best Reason to Get Adwords Certified

In this article, we will tell you the 3 best reason to get AdWords certified. We will explain how Google AdWords certification can help you and your business for successful growth.

What is Google Adwords Certification?

Google Adword certification is the certificate that you get from Google by giving exams that are conducted by the Google itself. It is a 120-minute exam. The questions that come in the exam is related to online advertising, AdWords processes and much more.


Since Google is the only company on this planet who tops in mobile and digital ad revenue. In terms of shares and money, Google’s parent company owes 74 billion dollars of digital sales and 49 billion dollars of mobile ads sales. Then why not get certified through google and get maximum profits through it!

This certification is provided in order to initiate differences between the masters and the beginners. If you master a particular area of the internet then it’s better for you to become a Google certified partner by getting that certification.

3 Best Reason to Get Adwords Certified are as follows:

1.Better Credibility and Proof


If you are a Google certified partner then you get better credibility and social proof on the internet. Having social proof can help you to generate more business. Visitors who are visiting your site for the first time are influenced mostly if they see a Google partner badge on your website. You get more credibility if you have a google partner badge as a social proof.

2.Resume Building

However, if you don’t owe any business but just a starter who wants to grow his/her life in a digital career. Then being certified from Google Adwords can help you to boost up your career growth. This certificate can be added to your resume which can enhance your curriculum vitae. You get better job opportunity if you are Google AdWords certified.

3.Free Promotion


  • Being certified by the Adwords can get you more than increasing sales, better credibility, resume building etc. It can get you a free promotion in the various Google partner channels. Once you get google partner certification, then they list you on the verified website of their partners.
  • Believe me, there are loads of people who just want to get their work done through the professionals. And Google helps them to provide the list of people or companies that are experts in a particular niche. This helps in overall promotion of your brand and yourself. And hence you get a free promotion.

Well, these were the 3 Best Reason to Get Adwords Certified. This may help you to generate more sales and get more respect in your particular field.

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